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Longest ski day

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I am sure these threads will end soon, once the leaves start dropping, but in the meantime.

Mine was 30 hours +/-! Started skiing at 9:00 AM at Timber Hill, skied there till 4, then headed over to Camelback for night skiing, then and "all night drun..err ski". Skied there till dawn, then headed back over to Timber Hill to ski there the next day. The tough part was at Timber Hill, there were just surface lifts, so we got little relief when skiing there. I never made it to school on Monday.
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Phil, you da' man. I got nothin' like that!

Ain't it amazing how we survived being teens? Despite all efforts ...
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I worked race crew 12am - 8am on the 24 Hours of Aspen. Then free skied until 4:30.
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A few years back, I did an 8AM-4PM at Mount Snow on New Years Eve, then drove back home to CT, where I was talked into by some of my friends taking advantage of the all night New Years Eve ski they had at the now might be open/might not be Powder Ridge in CT and was back on the hill by 10PM for a 10PM to 7AM session.

Let me just say that 4AM skiing at Powder Ridge after already being on the hill for 6hours there isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but is good for the "been there/done that" factor!
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I don't night ski - I'd say my longest day was a BC day. I'd be hard pressed to pick any one - there have been quite a few dawn patrol days that involve route finding to get back in.

The day that seemed the longest was one back in the 1980's in Alaska. I was traversing along a ridge still early in the day and I passed into the shadows. The ice had not softened and I lost both edges at once. I fell about 250'. I had to ski back in in excuriating pain, and unable to weight one leg. I think it only took 5 or 6 hours to get out, but it seemed an eternity.
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Back in the day when I was on Patrol at Stevens Pass I pulled a double shift a few times, day and night skiing from opening to close. That would be 9AM to 10PM.
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During the year that I taught at Ski Liberty in Pennsylvania, I had a couple days that started at 8:00 AM (staff training) and went until at least 7:00 PM (last lineup). If I had a 7:00 PM lesson, I'd be there until 8, 8:30 working. I hung around a few times until they shut down (9:00 PM, I think), so that would be a 13 hour day with ski boots on the entire time at least. I had ski boots on the whole time, but I wasn't out on the slopes the whole day though.

I've had a couple days where I was literally on the first lift and I stayed out the whole day -- i.e., I didn't set foot inside until after the lifts had stopped.
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I took a 6am Cat ride to start setting gates, worked all day, freeskied under the lights for a few hours and then did the torchlight parade. Took my boots off at about 9 that night.
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My longest day was about 14 hours of hiking, skinning, and climbing to ski one run on a backcountry peak. It was a fun line, but a brutal day. We really hadn't expected it to be that long. I don't know if that counts as a "skiing day" since it was mostly just carrying skis, but whatever. It was still fun.
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Phil - just a hiccup compared to your day => Kmart, 1st chair @ 8am to last chair @ 4 pm.

NO stops for any reason.

My hair hurt when done BUT the cold brews were the best !!!!

Falcon_O aka Charlie
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26+/- during a 24 hr. race - solo category (3 years ago).
The extra 2 hours are from skiing before the race started.

Bonus points should apply because I am really just a "recreational/weekend skier" and was approaching the tender age of 40 at that point :-)
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3am to 1am the next day freeskiing at keystone on my first day of the 06/07 season. then pass out and ski loveland next day.

Not a bad day either.

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