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Number of ski days this season

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A poll version of JamesDelux's question about ski days.
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We use a motorhome to stay at the mountain. Does this count as our "own bed"? It is really like a mobile ski chalet. We go and sleep where we want and always have slope side lodging. All in all a great deal.
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Cute Maddog.
A motor home or other parking lot sleeping would count as "on slope or near the destination" lodging. Unless you live out of it full-time. I was curious about "destination days" vs "at home" or "day trips"
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Some of us who strangely choose to live in non-ski parts of the world don't have a home hill. I understand it's possible to do a day trip to Chamonix from Gatwick but I don't think many people do.
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Like Frances, I don't have a "home hill" - not many Brits do.

Unlike Frances, though, I'm lucky enough to live just close enough to the Scottish mountains to make the odd day trip feasible. [img]smile.gif[/img] All that's needed is the snow!
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Not from Gatwick (unless you live very close by). But London City airport in the docks is great. Collect hire car at Geneva & then it's 1 1/4 hours to Cham. I've done friday afternoon to Monday mornings, but never a single day.
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Aggree with both Frances and Scotski.

Not everyone is blessed with a home hill.
Some of us have to grab a week whenever we can.....

Not only does this mean you get relatively few days in the snow but you can't afford to pick and choose the snow conditions...every day has to count.
Early season in Europe this year was terrible. I spent most of my time rock skiing....

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I've done 1/2 day trips to Milton Keynes.
Before I moved to England, I also flew over to Milton Keynes for a weekend, which included skiing.
Also did a long weekend (St Pats) to Chamonix from Belfast, which was fun.

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Hard to define "Home Hill". I do most of my skiing from a Ski Club Lodge. A ~250 mile drive on Friday after work, walk to Mad River in the morning, drive 5 miles to Sugarbush, or drive 1hr 45min to Jay. Drive home on Sunday evening, go to work Monday (repeat as necessary).

Now is MRG my "Home Hill" or should I count days at Hunter (~1 3/4 hr), Mountain Creek (45 min) or Sterling Forest (10 min) as home hill?
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Pragmatic -
In my mind all of your's would be "overnighters" since you are not dayskiing at a close to home resort that's just a few minutes or hours away, nor are you dayskiing and then driving for much longer than you would for your "home hill".
You're spending the night onslope in lodging.
(Now, if you lived up their full time, then MRG would be your "home hill")

I was just curious how we Bears split up our ski days as a group. Jamesdeluxe's thread gives a much more detailed look on a bear-by-bear basis, but it was hard to identify any trends other than we all like to ski a lot.

Good runs when you get them.
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With 77 votes,
Most bears got over 21 days. (Duh, I knew we all liked to ski a lot)
18% don't have a nearby home hill.
70% of folks with a home hill spent more than 10 days there. (another Duh
26% traveled and spent the night.
22% didn't spend the night away from home.
50% of overnight destination skiers got 1 to 10 days there.
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