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I've only seen 5-10 minutes of it a couple of times, but it seems like a male-bashing exercise.

But, hey, not a bad idea to have an episode where the girls go to a Bears Clinic in Solitude and whoop it up.

BTW, what does "Jonesin" mean?
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Samantha's last name is Jones.
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[quote]Originally posted by nolo:
[QB]Granted, Samantha would suck, and so would the rest of them ..

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I guess you guys must be a couple of series ahead of us, cause I haven't seen that episode yet!

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WTFH You went to a Beer Festival? I thought everyday was a Beer Festival.
Am I the only one who has never seen Sex in the City? Wait I have seen sex in the city but it was on 52nd St in NY City, What I haven't seen The TV show Sex in the City.
Ok now to topic signs that ski season is close I get up in the morning telling myself I should start working out for ski season I when go to bed at night telling myself i should have worked out today.
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For WVSkier:

From Take Our Word For It

Believe it or not, it was originally Mr. Jones, which was junkies' slang for "heroin". One may readily imagine a drug dealer's proposal: "Pssst... wanna meet Mr. Jones?". Over time, the verb to jones (uncapitalized) came to indicate the pain of withdrawal from the drug, as in "Man, I'm really jonesing for a fix".

Additionally, found in the Rap Dictionary

It is said to come from Jones Alley in Manhattan where junkies used to live.

[ August 26, 2002, 01:17 PM: Message edited by: Warren ]
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No Utah ... your not the only one. I haven't seen it either. EVER. I hear ya on the working out.... I keep swearing I will be in better shape this year then last. This is my BIG sign for jonesing ... posting here. If I AM at home I am sitting here reading posts or posting... and....waiting .... waiting ... posting ... working ... reading...posting ...waiting... waiting
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Signs that you're Jonesin'.....

The annual exodus of the girl friend muttering that I'm not paying attention or something like that.
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Yay, Warren! I was waiting for someone to call my boner.

(Samantha Jones was simply well-named...)
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Thanks Warren for the clarification. I often wonder about words and why new words start to be used when there are very good ones out there.

When was it that we started "hucking" rather than "jumping"

When was it that a "swamp" (which everyone wanted to get rid of because it bred insects with disease) became a "wetland" (which people now want to save).

When was it that good old "spaghetti" became "pasta"

And, not in the word category, but when was it that water became more expensive than gas?

And, Nolo, you can pull a "boner" for me anytime.
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a sign for me that I am jonesing for some serious snow sliding is when my inline skate buddies tell me to stop doing "pole plants" on the downhill sections of asphalt.
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This thread never really got anywhere.

But I demand, that Lisamarie edit her posts:
It's Sex And the City, not Sex In the City.

Get it right, damn it.
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...signs the new season is coming: SCSA is getting tetchy and about to start arguing with anyone about anything, after being mellow (stoned?) all summer

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rehab makes me cranky.
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they've got your # SCSA.
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More signs: I started using my vanilla soap and body lotion. Ususally wait till winter, because it reminds me of snow.
I know, I know, such a girly girl. Can't help it!

When I went to the grocery store today, a young BU girl was upset that she could not get booze on Sunday. Without thinking, I said 'well what would you do if you were in Utah?"

She says; "why would I ever be in utah?"

Some people just don't get what's important in life!
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You buy some really stupid skigear that you really don't need or really want,just becuse it is skigear and it was on sale!
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...you start to spend excessive amounts of time on a rather good Internet ski forum

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You spend all day fiddling with and then wearing your new ski boots. Clomp, clomp, clomp. My dogs are afraid of me...
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