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Golf Course Hazards

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This thread got me to thinking of how much a golfers thought of hazards changes after experiencing different courses.

I golfed at Caberfae Peaks Golf course for the first time on Sunday evening.
I was told that this course was harder than any I'd done before, and they weren't kidding.
On the 2nd hole, we came around a bend to find the Tee box's setting on the opposing side of a Cat Tail marsh from the Green.
I took a video of my nephews friend teeing off and showing his ball drop on the green.

This is a hazard.
Two question for you to answer below the video

1- How many balls do you think have been lost in that marsh?
2- Whats the most intimidating hazard you've faced?
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I don't really have one hazard in mind, though there is one hole at Deer Creek in Colorado that I love to challenge.

From the tips it is a 462yd par 4 and I have estimated that the carry from there is probably 240+yds. If you bail out to the left on your tee shot, you pretty much just made it a par 5.

If you have trouble getting off of the tees, then this course will eat you up. There are many holes that require a good tee shot.
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There does seem to be a hole at each golf course I've played(played as a term being used loosely) that is my nemesis.
I pared the hole that I posted the video of above, but it was an intimidating site when I saw that I had to get over the cat tails, and yet, its only 101 yds from the red tee, so I'm not sure why I was intimidated.

Its always that dreaded 6 inches that gets in the way of the game.
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Aligators and rattle snakes are the most intimidating hazards I've faced.
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How many balls? Carl Sagan said it best: Billions and Billions!

Most intimidating? The replica of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass (par 3 with an island green) at my local course called Renditions. When the wind is howling, this is a You Must Be Joking hole.
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Originally Posted by therusty View Post
The replica of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass (par 3 with an island green).

Interesting side story about TPC Sawgrass's island green. Many years ago, I read an article in one of the golf magazines about a competition to determine the Worst Avid Golfer of the year. Regional qualifiers were held and the whole bit. You had to have the highest USGA handicap allowable at the time to even get in the event. The finals were played at Sawgrass, and while I don't remember the story exactly any more, the guy who took home the Worst Avid Golfer title used over a dozen balls on the hole---finally giving up and putting down the access path and onto the green, carding something like a 30 on the hole.
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I have a very good friend (12 HC) who scored a 23 on one hole at Grand Dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC during the World Am tournament. He borrowed balls from his fellow players and even was pulling them out of the water hazard. His nickname now is "Mr. 23".
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My golf buddy once shot 14 on a short (110 yds) par 3 - he topped his tee shot, ball stopped in front of the water hazzard, then he hit 3 balls into the pond and 2 OB before he cleared the water, finally 1 chip and 2 putt.

I can remember some very intimidating holes, for example:
1/. A 240 yds par 3 (200 yds to carry the water) at Hope Island, Gold Coast, Australia. With strong head wind, you need a driver to stay dry.
2/. Another 230 yds par 3 hole at Puerto Azul in Philippines, where there is no land between the tee and the green
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In case anyone is interested, Golf Digest ran that Worst Avid Golfer event 22 years ago and the winner ?? was this guy: (from a googled article)

In June 1985, Angelo Spagnolo, then a 31-year-old grocer from Fayette City, Pa., shot 257 from the tips at the TPC at Sawgrass, worst by 49 shots.
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