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Smallest ski area you have skied?

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Forget your back yard. I am talking something with an actual ski lift and cut trails. Some place that actually sells a lift ticket.
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Nashoba Valley in Westford, Massachusetts. 250 vertical feet.
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Lift? That'd prolly be a draw between Hidden Valley and Navarino Hills. Both were under 120' vert.

Rope and T-bar? Hilly Haven. Pretty sure only like 75' of vert.
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How are you defining small? I've skied areas with one rope tow and one trail, total vertical 50' and 200' long. About one quarter acre, not including the parking lot.

Yes they sold a lift ticket - I believe it was around $1. I didn't buy one, but I skied right down the run as it was on my way through.
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Smallest area I ever skied is Snowqualmie Summit at 900 ft
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30 years ago I was on the Patrol at a place 40 miles outside Detroit called Mt. Grampian. It had 3 ropes and 150' of vertical. It wasn't anything to brag about but it was close to home and boy did we have a lot of fun!

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I can't remember what it was called but they had a t-bar and a slope and it wasn't too far from Westchester County, NY. I remember the lift ticket said Ullr on it and I thought that was the name of the place. I knew naught of snow gods when I was 9.
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Could be the winner here, run by the City of Brampton, ON (Toronto suburb)

From http://www.skitown.com/resortguide/s...t.Chinguacousy

Mt. Chinguacousy Ski and Snowboard Hill
Ontario - Resort Info & Mountain Stats


Alpine Skiing:YesSnowboarding:YesNight Skiing:YesRestricted Areas:NoHeli-Skiing:NoLeash Required:YesSnowcat Skiing:NoTerrain Park:YesCross Country:NoHalf Pipe:NoSnow Tubing:Yes

Terrain Park:YesNumber of Parks:1Half Pipe:No

Vertical Drop:68 ft(21 m)Skiable Area:2 acres(1 hectares)Annual Snowfall:12 in(30 cm)Snowmaking:100 %Number of Lifts:1Types of Lifts:1 CarpetNumber of Trails:2Longest Run:618 ft(188 m)
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Skied for the first time at:
Boyce Park - Pittsburgh PA
2 double chairs - Fell off at the top every time
160' cervical
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Those were the days!

A couple of weeks ago I watched some home movies that were close to 45 years old with my parents. Got to re-live the family skiing at Currie Park in Wawatosa, Wisconsin. The rope toe was up the side of the 9th fariway of the public golf course and lifts tickets were 25 cents (yes, for all day). People really complained when they doubled the ticket prices one year.
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Phil's been there too!

Nestled along the banks of the Delaware Ribber.

Belle Mountain! Mighty Belle ....

At 190' feet the air is thin that close to sea level. Ox bottles are a must.
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does indoor ski doom counts?
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Smallest would have to be Vinings Ridge (Atlanta, GA)

780' ... long, not vert. 90' wide. Rope tow - plastic surface. Ticket price was free - I insructed and tended the surface.

Real snow:

Klein Innsbruck (franklin, MA) http://www.nelsap.org/ma/klein.html

It was almost in my back yard.

200" drop
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Before heading out west as a wee little kid, I made my first pizza's on Four Lakes in the Chicago burbs -- check out this trail map for 100 ft of varied terrain.

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Well I never bought a ticket there, but I used to ski through Summit Ski Area which is the last hundred yards or so of the Glade Trail which runs from Timberline to Government Camp. Summit confounded all reason when the replaced their rope tow with a chairlift. This was overkill on par with killing ants with a sledgehammer.

The smallest place I ever bought a ticket to was Marshall Mountain just outside of Missoula. Marshall was remarkable only due to their selling lift tickets for $3 per hour of skiing, skiers chose how many hours they'd buy.
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Bald Hill in Connecticut. Rope tow only, IIRC. Might've been 100' vertical.
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I had my very first skiing experience at Ski Idlewild, Colorado, just outside of the town of Winter Park. It had about a 400 foot drop over about a half mile. Subsequent trips were to Meadow Mountain, west of Vail. It had about an 800 foot or so drop, with only beginner and intermediate terrain. Both places are closed now.
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Indian Lake, Pa. Rope tow, now defunct. Maybe 100 vert...not more than 200.
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Spring Mount, in southeastern PA.

Here are the stats:

Top: 528 ft
Bottom: 78 ft
Vertical Drop: 450 ft
Longest Run: 0.60 mi
Skiable Area: 45 acres
Snow Making: 45 acres

Beginner: 37%
Intermediate: 50%
Advanced: 13%
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How about Linder's Lodge, which was on the road to Mt. Spokane and had a single rope tow. That's where I first said, "Whee!" on skis. I believe its bones are situated where the "put chains on here" area is on the road. Later in life, we fired up the tow at Copperopolis, which is on private ranchland north of my current hometown, for some of the toughest backcountry skiing I have experienced, then warmed up in front of the woodstove in a perfect little warming hut.
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Smallest would have to be The Blue Hill just outside of Boston...300 Verticle

Havn't skied it since the 70's but understand it's since grown into a mega-resort complete with magic carpet and carousel...
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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
Nashoba Valley in Westford, Massachusetts. 250 vertical feet.
Same here...aside from a few random trips during my college days, this was the place where I started skiing. I've only been there a few times, though.
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Mount Airy Lodge, Pa. It has a tow on a Golf Course, no more than 50 virtical.
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Originally Posted by hammer View Post
Same here...aside from a few random trips during my college days, this was the place where I started skiing. I've only been there a few times, though.
I've been to Nashoba Valley far more then a "few times"... It's the site of my Tuesday night beer league races. Eight times a year for four years... So I've been there 32 times.
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Mine's Four Season's (Then called 90 acres) outside of Syracuse, NY.

Here's the stats:

Base Elevation:450 ft(137 m)Summit Elevation:550 ft(168 m)Vertical Drop:100 ft(30 m)Skiable Area:12 acres(5 hectares)Annual Snowfall:125 in(318 cm)Snowmaking:50 %Number of Lifts:2Uphill Lift Capacity:1,200 per hourTypes of Lifts:1 Mitey Mite
1 J-barNumber of Trails:4Longest Run:1,500 ft(457 m)

At the time I first skied there(both literally my 1st day ever on skis and first day there), its vertical was "only" 90 feet as there now double chair wasn't even a thought yet and it was just a j-bar and a rope tow.

I can also chalk up Yawgoo Valley(RI), Klien Innsbruck(MA) - now closed as already mentioned and Abenaki (NH) as others I've skied in the sub 200 foot vertical category
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I've been here once. I would describe it as cross-country skiing with lifts. 250' of vertical.

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200' vertical.

sadly, that is where I will do the bulk my riding this year...Somehow I went in the wrong direction: started at Sunapee, then to Bousquet, now Ward...
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Campgaw Ski Area and Craigmeur Ski area in NJ - both about 270 ft. vertical.

Also Split Rock in PA. Not sure of vertical - but it wasn't much.
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Sorry, too late to edit, Pakenham is 280'.
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