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The Mountain Speaks

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Well some of you know my story of this being my first full ski winter since the early 90s. After a purposeful slow and gentle start the clients where requesting me, the SSD was happy with the feedback, I was slotting in nicely with the locker room crowd, the giirrls where friendly and best of all my skiing was getting nicely back to the strength of a past ski life.

Ah the mountain then speaks.

Yesterday I was nailing some steep gnarly bumps with some excellent ski crazy clients and the mountain spat me out a double ski release and a good 10" up and out. I assumed an airtime sideways crash position and landed left side first on the top of hard bump with my elbow tucked into my kidney.

Thats it folks for Oz. The ski season is over. After some touch and go kidney and andrenalin gland internal contusions and bleeding in the very best Vail Hospital I am now OUT FOR THE SEASON.

It was a great ski season. Lots of good clients, tips, new buddies and above all all mountain go hard fun skiing.

Go hard and enjoy it while ya can cause the mountain will speak one day.

I will be on line but off hill and probably back in Oz within two weeks.

The silver lining in this black cloud is I get to see my two boys very very soon.

Thanks to all the Bears Instructor contributions. I used many tips gathered here and the return\request rate reflected this. I will be back in Colorado stronger than ever for 2003 ... would not miss it for the world. OOTAH here we come.

LM ya not a great skier until ya do an ACL and bust a kidney .... just joking ... go hard and\or go home.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Best wishes for a swift and complete recovery!!

Come back next season.
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Oz, bummer!!! At least it is near the end of the season, not much of a consolation when you are hurting.

Since I got hit by that snowboarder in January and suffered only a short term concussion, you are the fifth person I know who got injured.

Three were hit resulting in knee injuries and one with a seperated shoulder, one older skier I know tried a flip over a jump built by boarders and hurt his back, and now you.

Good luck and I hope you heal quickly.

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Anything I can do, drop me a line.

I'll be thinking about ya, talk to you soon.

Poles touching, skiing off.


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thats gotta hurt, sorry to hear of your misfortune. If your coming back via SF and theres anything I can do to help ya out let me know.

Hope you have a speedy recovery...guess you'll be catching the end of summer in Oz...hmmmm sun...enjoy.

Miss Jane
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Get well soon, Oz,

And if you decide to go back down under via London, look me up.

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Oz. Tough call. Have a safe journey home.
I was skiing behind an Austrian instructor a few years back who took us off-piste all day long at St Anton. A tall farmer, with huge hands. A really hard man. Used to take the Mickey out of me.
He was traversing through the trees below Rendl, something tripped him badly, and his bulky frame rolled dramatically (his feet went right over his head) about 15 feet down to a lower track.
He fell on his feet, as if nothing had happened, and his skis were pointing in the right direction. He just sailed on, sweetly.
My jaw dropped about 15 feet as well, and I thought "Swine!"
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Oz: get well soon and have a good summer. We will be expecting you back for Bears gathering next season.
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Hopefully that adrenalin gland will become hyperactive now!!

Good luck recovering. You could be doing it no better place bar one - NZ.

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Sorry to hear about the accident and good luck in a speedy recovery!
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Sorry to hear about your accident. Raise a pint to a speedy recovery!
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Glad to hear you are on the mend. Sounds gnarly. Have a good break in Oz, speedy recovery. Next year in Utah....
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Oz, it was awesome to have had the opportunity to ski with you and your son at Copper. Here's to a speedy recovery mate.
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Oz - Man, that's bad news.

Hope you have a speedy recovery, and a sunny convalescence.

Get well.
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"LM ya not a great skier until ya do an ACL and bust a kidney .... just joking ... go hard and\or go home."

Ah, but I am a great and EMPLOYED fitness instructor, who for that reason can still afford to ski and take lessons! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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get well soon.
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Ouch.. It's been a great season so far just being able to chat, and hear your insights. Get well soon. We'll be thinking of you. Keep posting..
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May your cure be both swift and complete. Enjoyed your posts--don't stop.
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Blame it on the sunshine
Blame it on the moonlight
Blame on the goodtimes
Blame it on the mountain
Blame it on the boogie (but never the ski's)

Get well sooner.


"You know you've reached middle age when a doctor, not a policweman, tells you to slow down, all your exercise are your prerogatives and it takes you longer to rest than to get tired" - Frends News Sheet (Royal Perth Hospital, Australia)

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Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, oz, and keep posting
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I'm sure that a week or two or three on the Beach in Australia looking at those hot bods in tiny,tiny oh so little bikinis will heal ya right up.Just thinking about it is doing wonders for me
Take care and get well soon.
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I've enjoyed your posts enormously and am saddened to hear of your injuries.

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. I look forward to more reports from one of the world's top ski resorts in the next few months. Throw a shrimp or two on the barbie.


Typing this 9 days after knee surgery and I'm thinking hard about trying a run or two on groomers this coming weekend.
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Good luck and heal fast Oz,

I remember how much my knee hurt.
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Sorry to hear about your accident. Heal quickly, We hope to see you again in CO next year!!!

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Thanks all for your kind words. Seems I have a grade 3 kidney laceration. It will heal with time. Makes me feel like crap though and pretty stupid for pushing the envelope hard enough to cause this much damage.

Oh well I now have two weeks with the Red Jacket on (compo obligations) working the beach (organising clients\instructors) for Spring Break and then home to Oz.

If any one plans on coming down under for a summer holiday drop me a PM and I will do my best to help out.

Take care all and enjoy all this nice new snow that is hanging around.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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So you haven't answered the question that I've been wondering about. What happened to your clients? Obviously they didn't quite get a full lesson. Did they have to go get ski patrol for you? I assume they got a voucher for another lesson (obviously with a different instructor). What is the procedure at Vail for an injured instructor?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SoCalSki:
What happened to your clients? Obviously they didn't quite get a full lesson.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Speaking of your clients...

Could I add a question many of us want to ask, since your injury, what happened to THAT client, you know the one you asked us for advice about, the special one?

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Ouch Oz! Bad news--sorry to hear that. Recover fast and well, and stay in touch!

Not that it will help, but Vail "spoke" to me too, about a month ago. I was skiing down the gulley from Two Elks to Blue Sky Basin, trying to "high mark" the tracks on the side. Well, I succeeded, but my slalom skis with the ridiculous "nose picker" gate deflectors decided that they'd had enough, stabbed themselves into the bottom of the gulley, and stopped. Dead! I, of course, continued on for a very short distance, slamming my body down on top of the video camera I had around my neck and my face hard into the floor of the gulley. Only in the last few days has the tenderness in my ribs started to go away. I'm not sure whether I cracked a rib or just gave myself a bad bruise. Either way, I got off easy compared to you.

Get well soon!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Good question. It was a corporate booking and myself and another instructor kept a group of 6 together so they could "network" on the chairlift and at lunch. I had the two "masters of the universe" that where pretty strong skiers and we took the "adventure" route while my fellow instructor took the groomed route with the others and we would meet again at the bottom of the runs. Vail is excellent for this type of "network" skiing. Anyway it was 3:20pm so we where on the way home. My fellow instructor "rescued" me (because all I could move for a while was a feeble "peace" sign from a meekly raised hand)and she gathered up my yardsale then took the group as a whole the rest of the way down and I skiied slowly straight to the hospital. I knew I was hurt so waiting for patrol would have taken too long. It was a 4 day booking and my clients sent me a nice box of "graft" from thier convention.

In answer to your question if an instructor is injured Vail will ensure that all clients are satisfied i.e. reschedule lesson, refund lesson or additional bookings. The bottom line is always customer satisfaction.


Thanks for your kind wishes. Hope the ribs heal fine and the camera still works. Every now and then we get little (we hope) reminders that Skiing is really an adventure sport. Maybe I could get a role in your movie ... "Legends of the Fall"


Ah in a moment of weakness I sent a post card. Lets see what happens ... that special client lives in Kent ... and no ya cannot have her address.

Ya got to love this life ... one minute ski crazy guy next minute couch potato. Live for moment because thats all ya got.

Cheers all

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Sorry to hear Oz.. stay around for the off-season. We want to get a surf report from that beach.. R.
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