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Nordica Modified's

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Newbie here, not sure if this is the right forum.
I have a chance at a good deal on some Nordica Modified's (178). Not sure if this is a good match for me.

Aggressive Expert
Prefer short-med turns on steeps, trees, with lots of rebound/energy
Ski east coast (7 Springs) but make it west once a year
Wt 190
Ht 6'
High fitness level

Have been dreaming of the TF's for a while, but think the 74mm waist on the Modifieds will be quicker edge 2 edge and may suit my style and east coast a little more. Also we don't get too many powder days at 7 Springs so the narrower shape should be OK. My only concern is that several sites list the modified as an intermediate level ski and I don't want to be disappointed in performance. Also is 178 too big for me (heard they ski "big")

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Dooo Eeett.

I was a local at 7S for the past few winters. Demoed the whole Hot Rod lineup there at a demo day last season. The modified skied the best of the line IMO. The other metal skis felt too plankish and the tails were dead (no fun). The carbon side was funner and more lively, but not nearly as stable, damp, or grippy on ice. The Modified was the liveliest of the metal skis and had a nice mix of characteristics. But the top fuel was a close second.

7S slopes are really wide and open. I doubt you would have trouble with a 178 there especially if you are an "agressive expert".
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Anyone that suggests that the Modified is an intermediate level ski has....

(a) Lost their mind
(b) Lever skied it

Yes it skis somewhat big, all Nordicas do. But!! if you feel that you can handle the TF, then a 178 Mod is not out of line. Subjectively a 178 Mod has a similar personality to a 170 TF.

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Thanks Guys,

Just ordered them. SJ, you should get the comission.

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You'll have to mail it to me in small unmarked bills.

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Didn't you get through him? He had Mod 178's for a killer deal

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Yes I did. Yes it was. Hopefully they provide some snappy energy in the fallline. Now I need to start a snow dance (guess it's a little early)

BTW -SJ, do these come mounted? I know it's kinda a self service thing with the Nordica/Marker x-bal system. Just curious.
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Good job! Jim got the commission I skied a couple of years back and loved it. I was going to snag a pair but he was out of 170's.
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They do not come mounted. It is quite easy to do yourself and pretty intuitive, of course this does not suggest that they will be adjusted and calibrated properly.

FWIW....the way dealer agreements and ultimately indemnification agreements are written, there is absolutely zero grey area. If the shop does not have the customer's boots, (not the same size, or one "just like them" etc. etc.) but THE ACTUAL BOOTS, the dealer cannot certify that the bindings have been tested and properly calibrated.

When a dealer indulges in this practice (almost always for the convenience of a customer) he exposes himself to significant exposure. Most dealers simply find this risk unacceptable.

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