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Deer Valley Advice

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I'll be in Salt Lake February 20-29, mostly at Alta & Snowbird, but considering spending Sunday at Deer Valley (have to take one of my compadres over there for the Interconnect Tour, so...).
Anyone have advice on where the best powder can be found, good tree runs, etc. I'm somewhere in the nebulous zone of couch-potato advanced, can ski Wildcat trees at Alta no prob but don't really want to jump off anything more than a few inches high. Mega-thanks for any help.
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I haven't skied there that much, but I've always found nice off-piste in the area adjacent to PCMR. I think it's called Eagle Canyon or something.
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I don't know if Deer Valley still has the "Experts Only" trailmap but ask for it. It identifies a lot of the best tree skiing etc. I believe Alpinedad was referring to Empire Canyon and it has a lot of good skiing if there is powder as well as the Daly Chutes area which is the hardest skiing at Deer Valley. The entire Mayflower and Sultan area is prime ground (the opposite side of the mountain from Empire) as well as the Triangle Trees (between Reward and Tycoon on Bald Mt.) Ontario Bowl (on Flagstaff) and Sunset Glade (the tress and open spaces between Bald Mt and Flagstaff Mountain).
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let gravity be your guide!
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I would avoid DV altogether.
No powder there.

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The Daly Chutes offer a lot of different options/lines to take. Open lines, tree lines, whatever. I really like Ontario Bowl as well, ended up there on accident a few years ago and it was a pleasent and seccluded surprise.
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Ontario Bowl...

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THere was a thread a couple of years ago with bashers and defenders of DV. (I liked it, once you get above the mass of mansions along the lower (and mid!) mountain).

I thought there was a Daly chutes thread, but a little searching just got me frustrated. Anyway, here are a couple DV pics, mostly of Daly area.

Kind of surprisingly, I found theat DV had some of the best teaching bumps I've ever seen (big, regular, nice shape, decent pitch). My son was just starting moguls.

Anyway, here are a few DV pictures -- can't seem to find the commentary that goes with them.

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Yes on those two ideas - Ontario and Empire. There'll be some good snow over there at that time. Dunno about BC access but there must be some. Kind of the anti-DV thing though to do BC
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