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Got zipfits at footloose: amazing--go to footloose over surefoot because the fitters are more experienced. And tips for windy days when the top is shut: Chair 22. If it's a super stormy day and a few lifts are open, check out the trees behind (skier's right) of 8. Some of my best days at mammoth have involved constantly refreshing pow in those woods.
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Originally Posted by cometjo View Post
Got zipfits at footloose: amazing--go to footloose over surefoot because the fitters are more experienced. And tips for windy days when the top is shut: Chair 22. If it's a super stormy day and a few lifts are open, check out the trees behind (skier's right) of 8. Some of my best days at mammoth have involved constantly refreshing pow in those woods.
I should probably be clearer here: on a super snowy day (mammoth will have a couple of days a year where maybe 2 of 25 lifts are open) ski off chair 8--take the groomers along the top of the ridge, ignoring the first few slopes that drop off to your left. Then, whenever it looks inviting, drop into the woods on your left side--you'll end up coming around the back of (and to skier's right of) the chair 8 chairline. You DO want to be careful not to drop off too far to skier's right or you will end up on the other side of the ridge and (hopefully) you'll eventually make your way to chair 15 (eagle express), which is a different base area. If you are lucky that chair will be running too, and it can take you back to ch 8, but you probably don't want quite such a long adventure in the woods in a blizzard. On a trail map the woods I am talking about are between Bluejay and Swell, though you can also go a little to the right of Bluejay once it turns and head downhill.
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You know that scene from "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts carries her new purchases into the store where they had blown her off the day before? "Big mistake," she says, "Huge."

My husband and I went shopping for ski boots last summer (2006). Now I understand that people shopping in summer are not real good bets for spending cold hard cash on ski merchandise, but we figured since we were on our way to Yosemite anyway, we could stop off in Mammoth and get fitted so we could be ready for the snow when it came.

Anyway, we went into Footloose and the guy there measured our feet and, without bothering to check, immediately said he didn't have ANYTHING to fit us (translation: I can't be bothered). So we went across the street to Kittredge and bought two pair of well-fitted ski boots. There was no one else in the store so we got the fitter's undivided attention for an hour and the boots are GREAT. They had SEVERAL pair in our sizes. They also guarantee the fit for something like two years but we never had a problem. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Our son bought a pair of boots there last winter. And then I bought a parka, etc.

Not exactly on par with the money Richard Gere was throwing around, but I'd still like to be sure to give credit where credit is due. If you are going to go to Footloose, at least check out Kittredge in the A-Frame across the street.



Oh, yeah, the "famous" bakery referred to in an earlier post is Schats.
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Phoebe3 - The reason the guys at Footloose sent you on your way, was probably because they had no boots in your size. Just like they said. Does Footloose have an attitude? Yes they do. Do they live up to thier advertising? Sometimes. But they are very successfull, and they most likely did not have a size 24 and 27 (just guessing) left in the summer. Really, they have amazing sell through. Glad you had a good experience with Kittredge. I would have to say with total bias that Kittredge is hugely underrated in the bootfitting area, and has much less attitude than Loosefoot. You are not the first person to get better service and a better fit up the road.
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@mammoth -

Mmmm, now that I think about it, my prior post sounded a bit harsh.
You are probably right - Footloose truly may not have had our size, but the guy gave me the distinct impression that he just didn't have time for us. Maybe he had been asked for those sizes a lot so he knew off the top of his head that they were not in stock. My kid used to work at Mervyns and he HATED it when he told people that all the sizes they had were out on the rack and they would say, "Well, could you just check in the back, anyway?"

OTHT, there were absolutely no other customers in the store and Kittredge had a lot of stock, including demo boots that we could have bought at a used price, had we wanted them. So either Kittredge way overstocked for the year or Footloose had a better sale or...

In any case, I'm not really trying to slam Footloose as much as I'm trying to encourage folks to try Kittredge, where I got great service and very, very well-fitted boots.

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Some good info here. Sooo, how about places to demo skis? I thought Juniper's shop a bit pricey around $45/day. I got top notch demos slopeside at Jackson Hole last year for $29/day!
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Johnnys Zoo. I recommend the Main Lodge rental shop, get there early. They khave a demo program where you can take out 4 pairs of ski's in a day and take one run on each or all day up to you. When I last did this it was probably 6 yrs ago and was $25, sure its more now. The beauty is they have almost everything there to demo. Great way to try-compare-evaluate and ski on different skis.

this beats the in town ski shops, as they won't let you take 4 pairs with ya. Maybe the lst day or if you get to Mammoth early the lst day go down and see what they have, check the price, check when they open in AM and make a deciscion then. In and out with ski's switch is approx. 15 minutes (excluding weekend and holidays).

Have a great trip. Pete
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Mammoth is the closest to being home turf for me, representing about 30% of my lifetime skiing over 228 days and 4.8 million vertical feet. I wrote a resort guide for Inside Tracks in 1998 http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/mmthguid.htm , which is still relevant in terms of weather, terrain, etc., even though there are now 9 high speed lifts vs. two in 1998.

With regard to bootfitting, I've always used and recommended Footloose. The cork footbeds invented by their founder Sven Coomer are still going strong for me after 26 years. If you have "problem feet," they have as good a shot as anyone in the country of fixing your boots.

That does not necessarily mean you should buy new boots there. Prices are not cheap, and the stock is not as comprehensive as it may be in a place like Kittredge.

I have friend with "problem feet" who had success with Surefoot. At Surefoot you buy a boot at full retail, plus their proprietary footbed, and they guarantee free lifetime service on the boot. So this has some convenience because Surefoot is in many major resorts and thus you can get work done on vacation, not just where you bought the boots. If you did not buy your boots from Surefoot, you're much better off having service done at Footloose IMHO.

If you have altitude issues at Jackson, take it slow at Mammoth. Altitude range (both sleep and ski) is similar to Aspen, Vail or Snowbird if you have been to any of those. Not as severe as Taos, Telluride or Summit County.
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I'm currently in altitude training. I went mountain biking for 3 days at WV's highest peak 4861ft the past 3 days. I'm in a fatigued fog right now. I wouldn't really say that I have an altitude problem. Maybe a mild self esteem problem. All of the people I ski or bike with are younger than me. Its hard to accept that I'm not able to shread at the level I once did.

My current issue is with Mammoths Demo skis $49/day


I have 3 skis that I would consider using at Mammoth.

Rossi Z9 (176)
Nordica Afterburner (186)
K2 Public Enemy (179)

I'm leaning toward the PE's for Mammoth. What do you all think?
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Is there any heli or cat skiing still at Mammoth? I can't find any outfits currently in operation.
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Zoo - Why don't you wait to see what conditions are like before choosing your skis? No there is no commercial heli/cat skiing here. Kirkwood at South Lake is the closest. There was a group trying to get it going again, but hopefuly they won't happen. Nothing wrong with the idea in general, but the areas they want to use are some of the most popular, and easiest access BC around here. This would creat a situation similar to the Wasatch. Nothing like skinning up a bowl, and just as you top out the heli drops someone off. Or going heli skiing, and finding all the choice lines already tracked. Too bad, the Sierra is huge (unlike the Wasatch), but lots of Wilderness makes heli access problematic. Also as much as I believe Mammoth to have the best skiing in the country, the snow above timberline is usually not deep light pow in most places. Of course, windbuff rules, but people looking for a CHM type experience might not get it.
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