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Renting a car - under 25

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I am trying to fill a couple of weekends that I don't have trips alreay planned and need some advise on renting a car. I'm flying into BOS and I'm going to drive up to either MRG or Jay Peak. I'm flying into BOS because I can get cheap tickets and work prevents me from flying out on Friday before 6pm. Since I'm under 25 I have to pay this outragous $25 fee per day even though I have no tickets or accidents. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get a discounted car rental? I've tried all of the online sites and can't seem to get a really good rate. I've been told that you can sometomes get a good deal if you just show up and ask if they have any cancelled reservations, but I've never tried this myself.

Thanks for the help!
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Will they even let you rent, I turn 25 Monday, it sure sucks not being able to rent. I know that in NY they will let you, but I didn't think MA had that law forcing them to let you. Maybe take a buss from BOS to Albany or somewhere up near Champlain.
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Try Enterprise they allow you to rent if you are under 25. I used them when I was in College and never had a problem and their rates are decent.
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i think there is some law in MA that you can't rent a car until 26. i may be very wrong about this though... so i'd call the auto rental places and ask them so you know for sure.
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There a several car rental companies which rent 21+. For surcharge, of course.
What hits you is insurance, too. Did you consider this? If it is several weekends, try to get a credit card with car insurance, so you can decline the hefty rates.
A cash-flow consideration about car renting: Some rental car agencies will accept check cards, bear in mind that they block your checkings account just like they do with your credit line for the rental amount, so make sure there's enough room so you do not run into cash flow problems.
Do you really need a rental car? Check the resort's homepage, or call the resort's toll free number to inquire about shuttle services. I used them a few times in Colorado out of Denver International. Convenient, you get to meet people for a chat, and you do not have to worry about driving in winter conditions in unfamiliar places.
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