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Top Five Race Cars of the Last 25 Years

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Why not? An excuse to see cool cars.

My list (subject to change):

Porsche 911 - pretty much has to be the best race car of all time.

Audi R8 - look up dominate in the dictionary.

Ferrari 333SP - detuned V12 F1 engine in a beautiful and stupidly fast chassis.

Audi Quattro - World Rally Champion, Pikes Peak, etc.

McLaren MP4-13 - lapped the field in it's debut race. The whole field baby!
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Porsche 956/962
Porsche 917-30
Shelby Cobra
Lotus 25
Audi R8
Chaparral 2E

Oooops...one too many......

And too far back too....but I don't care, those were the ones that counted.

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This thread needs pictures. What a thrill it would be to demo the cars mentioned on a closed track
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C6 Chevy "Blue Devil" aka "SS" on your dealers showroom floor soon. Wanna smoke a Porsche RSR on race rubber at "The Ring"? The Devil will it do it out of the box with a change of tires.

Cobra Daytona Coupe

Cobra (original spec was the Chevy 265 block) but a 289 or 427 would be quite acceptable.

Ford GT 40 of Dan Gurney fame

Hap Sharps Chaparal (automatic trans?)

Lotus Super 7 ..... po' boys race lotus ....

Griffith TVR (289 Ford Cobra motor) ............ wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ray Wally sucked my headlights out in one of these.

My old Bill Thomas Corvair that ate Porsches alive in the late 60's ..

This list is impossible .... just impossible .... I could even include the old Renault (Q' Ship) Gordini.

Lancia Stratos ...
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SPEED had good piece on GP cars this weekend. Part of the "Victory by Design" series. Starting with a Panhard up through Cooper.
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Only 25 years ago (1982?)? Only 5? No way

Wow, so many choices and types of racing cars. I've little use or admiration for cars from the past 25 years, no soul or romance IMHO...

I wish I was old enough to seen these cars race when new....

Maserati 250F....I've been lucky enough to drive one of these on a track, though not in "anger"

Lotus 49, one of my old bosses owned one, it had been driven in anger by G. Hill

My beloved Fcars, so many but a 330 P3 or P4 is close to the top!

Alfa TZ

BRM H 16

the 7/8 scale Stringray racer (Gransport?)

Ferrari 512M

The list could go on...GT-40, Alfa P3, Bugatti Type 35, Talbot-Lago etc.

I'm happy that I am not 60+, but I would have liked to see this car raced when new.

I was having lunch with an old client last week, he was regaling me of going to Sebring in 1957 and meeting Fangio in a Pontiac dealerships' service department (!!!) while his Maser 450S was being fettled...

Any one here headed to Monterey this weekend for the Historics?
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This is a weird thread cause if you started talking about amatuer racing. Miata, civics, Fox body mustangs would be the top of the heap.

So bushwacker's top 5 'real" race car: ie cars you will actually see racing at your local autocross course, road course, hill climb, drag strip.

1. Honda Civic(snicker) this car dominates so many classes in SCCA and NASA road racing not to mention wins all over the world in various touring car series(BTCC where the new Type-R are smoking the competion), chalk into the fact that the old civics are the some of the fastest production cars at any autocross. Dont forget all the civic showing up at local drag strips and even rally events. You have the one of the most used and successful 'race" cars of all time.

80s era civic touring car

Modern BTCC cars

The fastest Solo 2 Civic in Pa for the past 4 years even to this day with a different driver than me.

there are thousands of these cars running races across the world.

2. Mazda Miata - cheap, handles good, durable reliabe and Real Wheel drive its the perfect race car. Spec Miata is one of the most popular classes for road racing because of how good this car is. Also a staple at any solo 2 event.

now spec series is more succesful than Spec Miata

been a staple at you local solo 2 since it came out. Still ot this day killin at cone killin.

3. BMW 3-series(including the M3) not my cup of tea. but another bullet proof production sedan that it unstopable when prepared the right way. The BMW inline 6 is one of the best motors of all time. Coupled with RWD and a balance predictable chassis you have the start of a great car.

from stock Autocross cars

to killer widebody E46 GTR

to the E30 days in the DTM(cool diecast)

4. VW Golf and GTI - the rabbit was a light, powerful, solid little hatchback. today its kinda of bloated but alot faster. It was the car that start the "hot hatch movement" that continues to this day.

IT racing has 100s of hem rabbits running around

VW spec racing is huge in europe

5. Ford Mustang - drag racing, autocross, road racing even off road dirt racing this car remain popular. why? cheap powerful american power, RWD, and not as heavy as you would think. Sure the suspension is out dated but it no worse than a nascar.

The foxes are popular cone killers

as track car the new one are doing great
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Steve McQueen's Ferrari sold for $2.31 million

Heck of a mark-up for a little stardust, but sweet vehicle nonetheless:
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I have a killer photo of the Momo 333SP that I took at Lime Rock. I'll have to try and post it up.
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I haven't found the Momo car yet, but I did find this one:

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I drove this today...

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I drive this every day

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...a favorite.....

...of the local police.....how many speeding tix have you generated?
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Here' s a video of my son. Or, how I spend my Summers.

This car used to take us skiing every weekend in the mid 90's.

Last Sunday he ran a 9.85 second 1/4 mile at 145.68mph

Other then that, I like the mid 80's to 92 F1 cars.
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Wow, some people have a pretty liberal interpretation of "25 years" and "race car". At least the flav-man posted race cars.

-Subaru Impreza WRC prepared by Prodrive. Any year. Absolutely iconic.
-Renault R25, 2005 season. Ended the V10 era on a strong win for driver and constructor.
-Mazda 787B. First and only Le Mans win for a Japanese manufacturer. First and only Le Mans win for anything other than a piston engine. Mazda didn't market the success much, so mainly Mazda dorks remember this.
-Williams-Honda FW11 Turbo, 1986. 1400hp, 540 kilos. Do the math.
-BWinPA already got it, but the E30 M3. I'm not at all a BMW guy, but that car dared to be different.
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actually me and epic stayed on topic.

I did mine by volume and epic did his by sexyiness
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