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Jr. Ski's or Mens Skis?

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I'm about 5'11
143 lbs
16 years old

Very experienced skier... looking for a good freestyle ski, off piste ski, but mostly will be used in terrain parks. SHould I still be looking at jr skis or should i look to upgrade to a mens ski.

I really have no idea... i havnt talked to anyone yet. I just wanted to see what you guys thought first. Give me some guidence.

I grew 6 inches this off season and I'm despreatly in need of some new skis.

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Easy question Salomon 1080 Foil. Next?
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gratzi. seems you know your stuff. i'll look into that.
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Definitely go with an adult ski. Your height, weight and ability would push even a junior racing ski to its limits. Junior free ride or park skis are usually not built as strongly as junior racing skis. Suggest you demo if you can...
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If cost is an issue, check out Sierra Snowboard's $199 sale on the Armada AR-5, Volkl Dogen, and Line Invader.

SierraJim, are you reading this thread? Which size would you suggest?
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I've never skied armada or line invader. I might go for one of those 199 skis. I've skied new hampshire snow long enough. It would be a lot easier on my wallet as well. I should definitely try to demo a pair or two of skis this winter as well. If i find something i really like.. they will become hand-me downs to my brother who could care less what he's skiing on anyway. (he skis maybe 2-4 times a year). Great suggestions. Thanks for that link.
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You're about the same size as me, and my quiver is pretty far from being junior skis. Its hard to say for you, since it all depends on your ability, but as long as you're not a complete hack, I'd say go for adult skis. Actually, even if you were a beginner, I'd say get adult skis, just really forgiving ones.

EDIT: Get the $199 AR5s alpinedad posted, in a 181. They're pretty easy to ski, but still don't feel dead or noodly. Very light poppy feel to them. Fun.
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PM Finndog, he has some Public Enemy's he might want to unload.
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