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Last year at Brighton Weems passed something along to me that has stuck. He asked, what do you do before you take off--do you have some little ritual or thing you do that tells you you're ready to go? I think he said he likes to tap his poles and then go. I thought for a sec and realized I do a micro adjustment of the goggles and go.

What's your ready-set-go?
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I usually just take a deep breath, try to relax before taking off. I also do a micro adjustment of my boot buckles.
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After Weems' great instruction at ESA1 last year, now I say in my head, "Just Ride It" , always in the "Weems voice", while I envision how it feels to be flowing down to a spot I've picked out down below. When I get to that spot, I say "Just Ride It" again, on down the mountain. It's liberating!.
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I'm a member of the pole-clacker set as well. I have undisciplined hands, so the quick pole-clack at least starts them out in front. How long they stay there can be another matter... :
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I don't know that you'd want to do this all the time, but I am impressed with the full pole-ski-ski-pole clack. (It's done holding the poles to the rear for those trying this at home.) CLACK-clack-clack-CLACK. A nice little drum roll for the takeoff.
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I also picked up a Weemsism at ESA1: He did his quickie feeling centered demonstration, which finishes with the focus on feeling powerful in your center. So now, I think to myself, "flow from the center".
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Me too, I click the poles once, while they are behind me, immediately after the last push to get started.
Not always, but often.
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I'm also a pole clacker. But only when I'm in the right mood or if I'm psyching myself up at the top of something challenging. Three claps, just above the baskets, behind me. If it's really challenging stuff, and the first turn has to be perfect (a chute, or something like that) and I really need to get pumped up, I might also do the primal scream thing, but usually at a somewhat muted volume. Along with that, I might also do some foot stomping.
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Originally posted by nolo:

What's your ready-set-go?
I make a Sign of the Cross and say a "Hail Mary".


But seriously now... I don't know that I'm conscious of one. You've got me curious as can be, though, and now I'll have to see if there is some little ritual I go through.
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I just say to myself,

I would ride this on my bike at a high speed. Therefore, I can ski it without worry.

This does not apply to UPHILL sections.
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Jump up and down, all around, bouncing in place on my skis.
Gets my heart going and keeps me light on my feet and ready to rip, tear and catch big air. On steep and sketchy stuff it's more of a balance/edge check than a real jump.
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After I push off for each run, I reach up and whack my hands/pole grips against my helmet. I guess I'm just saying "wake up in there, its time to ski again".
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While practicing for an exam with an examiner at my ski school, the examiner always told me to start directly down the fall line. He said, " This shows you are not afraid to go DOWN the hill and it helps to have a bit of speed to start your first turn, especially in Medium radius carved turns. I do this all the time, granted not on something extremely steep, but I found, I need to feel balanced right away so I always do a couple of hops just before I move into my first turn. I find that even on super steep stuff I still do the couple of hops even if I am standing still, perpendicular to the slope. Just a habit I guess.
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Originally posted by Bob.Peters:
I make a Sign of the Cross and say a "Hail Mary"...
Hum ... I don't know ... I don't think you should try to scrimp when it comes to that penance stuff. Throw in 10 more "Hail Mary's" and 15 more "Out Father's" and you might be somewhere in the ballpark.

Tom / PM
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Don't know that I have one but it reminds me of one I might want to try and remember: Skiing in Alaska with Doug Coombs as a guide we came to a big entry (at least for me - probably 15 feet onto an Alaska steep slope - the largest I had ever seriously thought about). I commented to Doug that I didn't know if I was up to it and Doug responded with something like "no worries Si you can handle it." Now, my saying that to myself might not mean much but Doug is know for his reassuring way of getting people to do things they might not normally attempt. So, I guess I'll just try and remember that doubtless reassurance from an observer who believes in me.
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Change my shorts.
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Change my shorts.
I don't think it'll work if your changing your shorts and trying to communicate confidence to me at the same time. :
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A one cheek sneak usually does the trick.
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I used to blow a "snot rocket" and go. But now a quick "In through nose, out through mouth" does the trick. I also used to be a pole clacker, but then this guy that I thought was a real tool started doing it too... so I quit. (pole clacking, that is)

Spag :
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I lift and shake each leg.

I think
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What I should do is make sure my bindings are securely attached. I've had more than a few exciting one-ski rides from forgetting that critical ready-set-go.
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Originally posted by Bob.Peters:
I make a Sign of the Cross and say a "Hail Mary".

That I do every morning the Lord sends to me....
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Deep breath, hands up and forward, baskets back, pick my line, exhale and go.

Forget to inhale, blow my first turn, improvise and have fun.
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