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Originally Posted by trekchick
I haven't even begun to think of my handycap.
Heck, I'm not sure I'd know how to figure it.
I don't think I want to know at this point.
I know my handicap very well, 5.5".
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
As an aspiring golfer, I can't thank you enough, Mike, and all the other pros and experts on this forum, for sharing your love and understanding of the game with us. This summer I learned more than in all the years before combined. I changed my grip, remade my swing, learned how to putt, and how and when to chip and pitch. All the work enabled me to take 6-10 strokes off the best I was able to do with my old technique. It takes a lot of dedicated practice to relearn movements and constant consciousness of the affirmative movement cues to counteract the tendency to regress when the going gets tough, which it will do. I don't have a USGA handicap, but I would guess I went from a 25 to an 18.

My best ROI has been the work on my short game--which you guys have advised again and again.
The pleasure is all ours Joan.

I'm glad you've made significant progress. Game development in chipping and putting (as well a pitching, i.e., scoring is done from 100 yards in) is where most amateurs should spend at least 50% of their practice time.

I like the concept of affirmative action cues. Recently, I found I was tending to truncate my through swing so I have really been working on making sure my right shoulder drives to the target and finishes ahead of my left shoulder.

Tonight I want to do a little practice putting and take a small carpenters square and see if I am really lining the clubface square to my intended target line. I suspect I am setting the club a bit open at address.
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