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Trying to pick a resort to live next year

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Right now I am leaning towards mammoth due to the long season, great snow, visibility, and huge area. I am open to anywhere in the US though. All I need is access to a post office, and internet connection, and be able to get a job that gets me a free lift ticket because I run a small biz online that earns decent money. Decent housing prices are a big plus. If you could live in any US resort for a season which one would it be and why? I am an advanced skier looking to take it to the next level(cliffs, super-steeps etc...) Sorry if this is an old topic but I searched and haven't found too much input. Thanks!
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I'd probably land in Mammoth Lakes, too.
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If your looking for just steeps and cliffs There is always Jackson Hole. Cost of living is pretty high there. a lot of the locals live south of there in Star Valley or east in Idaho. One thing to look at is what is imporent to you? Mammoth is a great Mountain they may get more snow there then any other place in the US. But I never liked the weekend crowds at Mammoth. to many ultra hip I'm cooler then you wantabes from LA for me. At The end of the Day sitting around comparing tatoos and piercings isn't my idea of a fun time. Now if I really wanted to get away from it all and drive a 1978 Ford F150 pickup I would head to Montana. But if your singal plan on being datless for the ski season. Come to think of it that might apply to just about any ski town. I live in Park City I like it here alot. But Park City isn't for everyone. We all want and need diffrent things You have to decide what things are on the top of your list and what things you can do without.
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Why not check out Salt Lake City?
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I'm kinda partial to Montana myself. Maybe Bozeman, lots goin on there, and real close to Bridger and Big Sky. Occasional overnights to GT and Jackson.
The main draw would be the low cost of living, and the low key environment (compared to say, Colorado or Tahoe).

Can I come visit?
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Hi bcblack,
Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy yourself here on epicski. Plenty of info and conversation, plenty of folks here to talk to!
Go to page three of this forum and you'll find a thread by BrownSki entitled "Looking to move to a ski town". It has 84 posts on it and ran in February. Perhaps it will help you in your search.
Good luck.
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Thanks Vera! One more question: I just realized that all I really want is a corner to crash in each night. Do you guys think I would be able to find very many people that would let me just sleep in a corner with my sleeping bag for like $75 a month? I didn't know Mammoth passes were only $399. That is crazy! I'll just buy one of those and not get a job at all if I can find a nice corner on the slopes. That has got to be the true definition of ski bumming eh?
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If you are really looking for a long ski year, you may want to look at Mt Bachelor near Bend, Oregon. Bachelor has good snow and a long season. Most people find spring and early summer skiing to be phenomenal at Bachelor and Mammoth. The big difference is living in Bend places you about 2 hours from Mt Hood and Timberline ski area in the summer. Since Timberline has lift served skiing through the summer and fall, it would provide a year around ski season for you.

The drawback to Bachelor is the lack of true expert terrain. Although it is a big mountain with some good runs, there are no real steep chutes.

I suggest you chose a few areas this spring and make a trip and ski each of them before you make your decision.

You may also want to find out about the surrounding areas and activities since you will be living there for the entire year not just the winter.

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Other than pointing you towards BrownSki's 49 page post of similar content; All I have to say is "you lucky duck."


Happy hunting,

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You could live in a bus in girdwood, I know of these people who live in a bus and every day the scrape up enough $$$ for a all u can eat buffet and one of em gos with a real big coat.

If you work for aly you get housing and a season pass and could probly work nights.

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