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Tr - Fun in the "backyard"

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Backyard can have many meanings, some mean literally well the land that you own behind your house. In that case mine is a horse stable then. In this case "backyard" is the land behind my house, or maybe Lonnie's house. So here is the past three days in the life of Bushwacker.

Day 1 - Lonnie's "backyard" Clark's trail up Corner Canyon in Draper, Ut

Clark's Trails is 8 mile out and back starting in draper 4 miles up 4 miles down very fun Downhill.

Starting out on the long climb up.

One of the disant peaks of the Wasatch Mountain with Lone Peak on the left side.

Lone Peak and buff singletrack

The Salt Lake Valley in all of it flatness.

Jake railing some wonderfully buff single track

My turn

Jake again just below the Bonnieville Shoreline Trail

so after leaving lonnie backyard and getting a good nights rest it was time to assault my back yard.

Day 2 - Bell's Canyon, Sandy, Ut my backyard

Bell's Canyon is a a lesser know Glacier Canyon just due south of LCC. I will get more pictures when I do the couple day hike up it later this year so consider this a teaser. Its kinda of weird starting out in the sagebush desert of sandy at the bottom of LCC and in a 2 hour hike you are up in high alpine borreal forest and meadows.

Peaceful Stream up in the trees, which for those who have been to sandy we really dont have natural trees in the valley besides scrub oak.

Chelsea's lovin the scenery

We got up high to the start of the bouldering, which IMO would of been fun, but we decided to come back another day with more gear so we could hike up the top(9400 feet) so peace on bells to next time.

Day 3 - Wasatch Crest Trail, SLC backyard

the x-post from TGR

yesterday I got to do an awesome ride with Altachic and lynx. The crest is just about the most scenic MTB ride ever..well that I have ever done.

The climb up puke hill is bad, I faulted but got started again I believe lynx cleared it. The infamous puke hill with lynx charging up it.

Scenery is unparrarelled

Wild flowers and all

Altachic lovin it, she kills its on the downhill.

Sun going down on the Salt Lake Valley

The girls ride off into the sunset

They were too fast on the decent to get any pictures
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Those are some amazing pictures of the UT countryside. You can see forever ontop of a mountain
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