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e-bay antics

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Momma told me that it's not polite to make fun of folks but some days I don't know if I should laugh or cry. One recent poster was hawking a few pair of Volkls and had these comments included with his offerings..... at VERY high prices I might add!

These P-40 F1's "have lifters on them so your feet don't hurt at all if you land hard to go on moguls"

All his bindings are "race tuned"........ and he knows....... "it's my job to know because I am a Level 2 instructor."

In addition his offerings are guaraneteed to "slice and dice"..... Sounds like Ron Popeel went mad in a ski shop.
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Saw one on ebay a little while ago where somone was selling "pair of alpine skis with boots and sticks".
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I love the people selling 10 to 20 (or older)year old skis and asking a couple of hundred bucks for them and saying what a great deal they are. Get real.
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You should see some of the listings for golf equipment. I think it is mandatory for tiger to use every club before it can be listed on E-bay
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Same guy that has the ski w/ the lifter to protect your feet on the bumps had some Lange L10 Race boots.

<<<<This is a pair of MINT NEVER BEEN USED Lange L10 Race Fit ski Boots. They have never been used, and don't even have the slightest scratch of them!! These boots are PERFECT for Racers and aggressive experts seeking uncompromising performance. They are also the FIRST SKI BOOT THAT HELPS REDUCE THE RISK OF KNEE INJURIES! This is a VERY important thing to have if you're an advanced skier, hitting the hard terrain, or just learning! You'll be happy you got these boots I promise you! The boot size is 6-6.5, but if your foot is a slightly larger or smaller, the boot will adapt to it! THESE ARE THE BOOTS USED IN THE OLYMPICS!! They are the 2002 model! >>>>>>

I've heard the L10 doesn't adapt to you foot all that well

"There are trails with signs, and there are those with out...Which trail will you chose?"
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Maybe this was from one of those auctions. My apologies in advance..

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Maybe michelin man is a lawyer, a pubic defender
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oh my god I can't stop laughing,hahahaha
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Is that a whistle pig?
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Race tuned bindings. why didn't you buy them?
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That is so gross....I'm going to go race tune my bindings now...
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If you like those eBay listings, here's an interesting one:
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This one's even better:


They have a "ping" sound!!
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Now I know what to get SCSA for X-mas.
Just kid'in Paul.
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