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Only An Engineer

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OMG that is my boss... thirty years ago! Oh I mean now!
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Only a CIVIL engineer...

an ME would have used more duct tape.
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What is the over/under on how many miles that alternator is gonna last???
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What rank was this guy in his engineering class. Smart money would not use this as a job promo and frankly if the guy worked for me he would get the axe!

1. The AC unit is secured by a strap system that would come off in a heartbeat in a wreck. One bump from behind and the guy behind you would have that thing coming through the windshield. If he hits something it becomes a ballistic projectile for anything ahead of him.

2. You have just f'ed up the CG of the car.

3. You have added parasitic drag that will effect your fuel mileage and kill the cost/bene ratio over the three years you have been running this wreck.

4. Fire hazard .....

5. No more tunes on most radios.


Smart money would have used a trunk mount to keep it out of the air stream and flex duct to pipe it in. It would also make the noise and vibration (right over your head), more remote; that has to be annoying. Lead foil that he could have swiped from the medical or electronics lab may shield the radio and all he had to do was use heavier gauge wire for the extra distance. A couple of heavy steel "L brackets" and approprate bolts would have kept it snug and secure.
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Done this before, have you?
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"Oh no. We're in the hands of engineers!"
Malcolm, Ian in 'Jurassic Park'
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Who moi? (innocent Miss Piggy voice)
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I could just see Mr. civil engineer showing up for his first day on the job at a construction site with that car setup. He would be a major embarrassment to himself and his employer. It definitely needs more duck tape to keep that thing on the roof.
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Nah, a couple of Hiltie Fasteners shot through the roof should do it.
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Any 20 year old worth his dirt could fix the OEM A/C with a few junkyard parts and some hand tools.

And he thinks he is saving money!

He will eventually be working for our government, is my guess.

Only Fox News would cover the story and give this guy positive comments, including: "crafty, clever, creative, very-smart" .

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And one of those clear plastic basement window bubbles from Home Despot hucked to the hood to slick up the "aero" profile.

Glad we got that puppy fine tuned!
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Civil engineers? Aren't they the engineers that were overseeing the bridge repairs in Minnesota???
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