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SNow Thrill

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Am I the only one that is into the Snow Thrill thing?? I am intrigued by it, it sounds so cool. A skier and a photographer togetehr on the mountain. It sounds so bad ass. Sometimes I wish I had a photographer with me so I can se what i look like on the slopes.

Anyoen ever done any skiing with a photographer handy? even like a movie or anything?
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Nope, only buddies with the occational camera.
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I get followed by the Paparazzi all the time.
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Dragging the video camera around and trying to get quality footage is a hassle. Just when you think everything is all set, you will probably find that the battery has died from the cold weather! : I'd rather take a few still shots and ski more.

If you really want to be a video star, pay a pro photographer to spend half a day getting all the shots and edit the tape for you.

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Only when I ski in my birthday suit!
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If there was a photographer around for my last snow thrill .... well .... it would have spoilt the moment.

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I'm sure your birthday suit would attract some snow snakes in search of a snow thrill! They especially like skiers in the glades.

You might think about entering the Bikini Slalom races in Telluride, CO every spring.
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