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I have a Patagonia Primo jacket (hard shell). Not cheap, but plenty of pockets and ventilation. The most wind and water-proof garment I have ever worn. No matter what mother nature is kicking up, I stay warm and dry. I'll wear it until it falls off my shoulders. I've had it for three years now, and it looks flawless.
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I agree the Kjus stuff is by far the best and most skiable of the luxury brands... I have found some pieces at end of season sales and they are almost reasonable given the quality (I found a great black Formula jacket for 200.00; list price 850.00)... the great thing about them is that they are very trim and fit well but still very stretchy, comfortable and non-binding... the Formula jackets and pants in particular are very light and allow great flexibility but are still warm and windproof...

Spyder has some good things but I find it sort of hit and miss... the Verbier stretch pants I have are fantastic and amazingly warm and completely windproof... I was in 20 below wind chill conditions this past winter and I could not feel anything through the pants even without a liner... by far the warmest pants I have ever worn... but the Verbier jacket I found on sale is not as well designed and is sort of binding and heavy but not that warm (its a shell and not insulated)

Volkl and Marker have some really good individual pieces, as does Rossignol... if you shop around you can find great pieces for not much money... try to find some of the sample sales if you are in or close to a large city or ski town...

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If you're not big on the whole race design jackets, Orage makes some super nice insulated pieces that aren't bulky and have very cool features like neoprene around the neck and over-the-hand cuffs to keep snow out. They look a lot cooler than the non-venom line Spyder stuff, that's for sure.
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Kjus stuff is incredible, and you're right about getting it on sale.
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Originally Posted by cabrown317 View Post
The one thing about Spyder I will say is it is their jackets have a very stuffy Aspen look to them, so if that isn't your style,
Objection! Well, not sure what this means. It not like it has a mink collar or anything. I have a Tommy Moe endorsed Spyder it is about 9 seasons old. Blue mostly, with a white panel and red Spyder emblems. This jacket is indestructable. You could squirt it with a garden hose for an hour and not get wet. My only complaint is that the liner is fixed. Gets too hot for spring skiing. Oh another complaint is that it came with a hydration bladder that stinks. The bite valve is more like a tongue push valve and the lid pops open. Any way not bad for FREE!
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Is there anywhere online to get Kjus stuff on sale?
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Different approach to choosing apparel?...

Originally Posted by thaar View Post
My last jacket was a NorthFace shell and then I'd layer up for warmth. Though I didn't like the bulkiness of everything especially when I had to throw on a fleece on ultra cold days. I also didn't like that the hood could not be removed, but rolled up into a large bulk around the neck.

Anyways, what would you recommend for a non-bulky, warm jacket, with preferably a detachable hood (unless it tucks away nicely)? Not sure if it matters, but I'm an above average guy around the chest (44"). Thanks.
I too have lots of North Face, Descente stuff...racer chaser-like stuff from Spyder, etc. But I have come to the conclusion- after layering up or wearing these high-tech, feature laden stuff...that it weights a TON! A skier along with heavier and heavier hardware is further burdened by weight!

I now wear ski wear an outer shells made from 4-way stretch non-membrance thin Goretex. It is super light and thin and has 80% of the effect of wearing the "membrane" fabrics. There is a commerical name for it, and I don't have my Jacket set with me now.

Additionally, underneth, I only wear muscle supporting stretch tights made with polyproplyne-ish moisure wicking capabilty. The key is wearing a helmet all the time...I say all the time, even on hot Spring days. You would be surprised how little you have to wear if you religiously wear a helmet...if I get chilly, I close the air vents of my helmet and I get sufficientl warm again (yes, while skiing).

When I put all my outerwear, layering, helmet, in a pile and pick it up...it is surprising H-E-A-V-Y. I suspect how much this factor aggravate an active skier's stamina or ability to perform over a whole day...whole week...10 days of training, etc.

Just my opinion.
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Kjus on sale

buckmans.com has some 06-07 season Kjus things at a discount but not major savings... they try to keep the prices up with the brand so its hard to find good prices without going into shops... I do see some deals on Ebay now and then so you might look there

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