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I spent tuesday 8/7 at Whiteface NY doing a bit of lift accessed DH'ing, 2475 feet of vert per run.

All in all it was a fun day, the trip over from Stowe is about 2.5 to 3 hrs and involves a ferry crossing,time varies if you miss one.

The mountain was busier than I expected with sightseer's, lots of people riding the Gondi to take pictures and sort of mill around aimlessly at the top. I only saw two other people biking.

The trails of the top of the gondi start with a fast ski trail downhill for a couple hundred feet of vert before you hit singletrack, when you enter the woods things get interesting...east coast gnar. Roots, rocks, wetness...I was sliding around all over the place. Stopped and dropped tire preasure and the bike started to hook up. Things started to get fun and my cursing settled down. There are 27 trails on the map...but a single run consists of 26 to 27 to 3 to 5 to 13 to 12 to 9, there are many combinations but there aren't 27 different ways down.

Whiteface has taken the Bolton Valley approach to trail building- rake and ride a line through the woods, it appears that not a single stone or root was environmentally sensative of them. This causes some pretty heavy errosion due to skidding (lots of 1' to 2' high rocks gumbled together at the top of steep roll in's, you have to carry speed over them then brake for off camber rooty turns at the bottom...arghh.) the trails seemed like they would all need to be rebuilt every season. A little trail 'construction' would do wonders, moving some of the tombstone rocks would also do wonders. As it is I wouldn't want to ride anything other than a DH bike. It makes you immediately learn to relax and let the bike roll over obstacles. You gotta' let the wheels do their thing or your gonna be picking yourself of the ground a lot. Lower on the mountain the terrain mellows out a bit and the trails smooth out to fast singletrack with some nicely made berms. North East Shore has a few very well built 'stunts' with option lines.

Pretty fun but Highlands is still the best I've seen.