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mystery mountain photo (2)

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I like Powder Junkie's mystery photo idea. I combed my photos for one that "could be anywhere" but I think some will know it who have skied there. I like the photo, too [img]smile.gif[/img] A little different than PJunkie's pic. This one is of recent vintage and only shows a very specific portion of the mountain.

Same rules as the other "mystery photo." PM me your guesses. I might reply if you're right if I've got time, otherwise I'll give the anwer in about three days.
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Dead cert - Tamworth Snow Dome in July.

OK what do I win?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
Dead cert - Tamworth Snow Dome in July.

OK what do I win?


Wow, you got it. They really painted that backdrop well, didn't they?
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You ARE kidding, right?????
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skiking is kidding. LM, check your PM
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
You ARE kidding, right?????<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes, definitely [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh darn I was Sooo close!!!!!
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looks kinda like whistler, top of harmony, having gone left to harmony ridge (and burnt stew).

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Sorry SkiKing, I overlooked the fact that your picture was sadly missing two prime features of Tamworth snowdome (i.e. A rope tow and new wooden cladding).

So close but so far ........

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somewhere west of the Mississippi or east of Great Britain?
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Everywhere is west of Mississippi, and everywhere is East of Great Britain. It just depends when you stop!
So, I guess you are correct, in a legal sense.

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as usual, Zorro, that's all I'm looking for... legal rectitude

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You and your big words.
I don't have a dictionary here, so I'll try to break down your word into something I can understand.
well, lets try "Rect" and "itude"
What phrases do I know with those in them?
Rect: "I skulled so many skins last night I was rect this morning"
itude: "itude go down to the woods today, your in for a big surprise"

So "legal rectitude" must mean getting hammered in the forest and charging it to little red's grandma.

Am I right?



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no, and that was downright crude... rectally so!

have you ever read "The Recognitions" by William Gaddis?

one of Gaddis's characters ought to satisfy your coprolitic sense of humor, Manure Boy!

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Personal discussions unrelated to the thread can be conducted via PM, personal attacks can be conducted at other fine forums. (I'm having a hard time determining which this is, so I htought I'd offer suggestions for both)
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OK, here's the solution to the mystery photo: this is the Burnt Stew trail in the Harmony area of Whistler (as ryan said, in flagrant disregard to the rules as stated [img]smile.gif[/img]) Several people knew, a couple were wrong.
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Whoops. My bad. Sorry. I guess I will never learn to read the fine print. Sorry if my oversight spoiled the game. And here I was, surprised that no one knew, when in fact EVERYone knew, but also knew enough to know The Rules.

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