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I'm baaaaack

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Howdy Bears,

I used to post under the handle PinHed and even made an appearance at the first Utah Gathering.

I figured it has been so long that I've lurked here that I ought to say "Hey!" and begin again with a new handle. Why not.

Some thing are new with me ...some not.

I have a 1 yr old girl ...Leah. That's the best new thing.

Oh sure, I have some new skis too. Who doesn't?
I have a new home ...in Dillon. That's pretty cool.
I have a new career ...another Realtor in Summit County. I think that makes us 601 strong now. Heh.
I'm racing as a new member of an old and fierce mtb race team ...A Racer's Edge.
I'm coaching MTB Junior League.

Anyhoo, here's to being back.

Anyone heard from SCSA? Heh!
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Originally Posted by eNick View Post

Anyone heard from SCSA? Heh!
Yeah ,we sure have but you better try Realskiers for contact info.
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Welcome back! I was sort of a newbie gaper here when you made your last post as Pinhed. Anyway, thanks for getting me out of that nasty fight with Gonzostrike. I sure miss Gonzo. I hope my stupid posts didn't play a big part in your decision to leave, because I'm still here.

I think SCSA has made appearances at recent "Barking Bears Gatherings" and is in touch with some Epic members. He was already banned when I joined, so I missed out on all that.

That's a really cute little girl you have there.
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Alright, we can start talking about banned members again.

Cool! And we can just change our names at will too. Awesome!

Must be Summer Slackers rules, you know kinda like in golf's winter rules, roll it anywhere in the fairway?

Anyhow, welcome back pinhead.
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OMG I heard all about the SCSA gathering episode in Utah. I was rolling on the ...ROTFLMAO as they say.

I have a soft spot for SCSA. Even he knows what a tool he can be. Hopefully he's doing well. I wasn't really looking to get a hold of him. I know all too well how to track him down.

I changed my handle because I really am Nick. Always will be Nick. You might as well know that you're talking to Nick. There you have it.

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Welcome back! I was sort of a newbie gaper here when you made your last post as Pinhed...
What...and now you're an old gaper?
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ah, my copper guide and chauffeur to the beav.

good to see y'again.
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