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Chainsaw Massacre

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You think poaching is bad, check this out:
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Wardens Run?:
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Friends of yours Paul?

Those guys are ambitious, that's for sure.
a forest cut approximately 60 feet wide and three-quarter of a mile long near the top of Big Jay Mountain within Jay State Forest
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Real skiers know that you just clear the brush and leave the trees standing (or just thin them if you must) precisely so that other people can't find it.
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Sounds like they were making room for the Helicopter to land.
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I guess they prefer glades over woods, gs turns so to speak.

Trekchick, they would have been behind me which means they would have had more ambition. We'd set out only to get tired and drink all the beer 100' from the parking lot

I bet they went to the Canadian school of forest management - clearcut:
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Big Jay Illegal Cut Photos Click Here

I think these guy have a serious summer time ski addiction problem that is a tad worse than mine. Counseling required for sure. Extra points for ambition and motivation though. Fortunately they caught them before it got too out of hand. On the plus side that Illegal cut will provide a great food source for lots of woodland creatures.
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Excessive cutting for a "secret stash". Chainsaws, no wonder they got caught. A friend and I got premission to cut a narrow alley in the trees at a private resort a few years ago. Just trim the limbs.
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A fair sentence ....

Make them buy seedlings.

Make them but a trowel.

Make them hoof up each seedling, plant, water repeat.

Water throughout the summer or until the seedling is deemed viable.

Should a seedling or sprig die, they have to replace it and maintain it till it is deemed a viable tree.

Length of sentence .... when all of the growth is firmly established.


Oh! One last detail. Stabilize that area from the wash out that is bound to happen. All of that friable soil is bound to be a washed out gully.
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Almost forgot! Make them haul the cut timber to the saw mill and have them build a house for some homeless family.

Next case!
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Looks like they made a wonderful avalanche starting zone. From the info currently available, these guys look like supreme boneheads.
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