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A thread down in the political area about communism, socialism, right and left and the differences between the systems brought back to my memory an old joke we used to tell...
At an Italian communist party rally, back in the '70, in a small local section, a big fish from the city harangues the people:
"And we should freely give to the party, donate our belongings for the good of the common cause" and so on and so forth...
Then he asks to one of the attendees:
-Comrade what would you do if you had two houses?
-Well- replies the man - one to the party and one to me
-And if you had two cars?
-The same- again replies the man- one to the party and one to me
-And if you had two bicycles?
-Hang on - says then hurriedly the man - those I've got for real!
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Reminds me of a really old one

Once upon a time, a well-known mathematician in a big city was approached by a friend.

"You are getting too well known now, you must join the Party".
"I don't know anything about that"
"You must, or else!"

Mathematician joins the party, attends one, two, several meetings. Makes very careful notes and takes them home to study each time. What do you know, he wants to speak at the next session.

"Here we are: what comrade _ said cannot be done because... _'s request cannot be granted because... this measure will not pass because..."

Dead silence. Muttering. The friend is furiously yanking on his coat sleeve and finally gets his attention: "Get on a train now. Buy a ticket as far as you can and do not come back!"

Scared, mathematician does this thing. Needless to say there are no math jobs so he finds a job as janitor. Next thing you know

"You are a janitor and part of the union, you must come to party meetings"
"I don't know anything. I can't read or write"
"That's all right, we have reading and math courses, you can learn"

So, he is to attend classes at night. There's easily 40-50 janitorial staff there and a bright, smart, enthusiastic young teacher who immediately starts on

"This is the letter A" writes A on the board. "AAAAA" goes the class.

Months pass. They get to mathematics, she writes "1+1=2" . "1+1=2" the class repeats. Eventually
"Now there is a branch of mathematics dealing with vectors where 1+1 may not equal 2" and she starts scribbling again on the board.
And scribbling and scribbling. Can't get the answer to be anything other than 2. "Wait, wait, I missed something" "Wait" "Wait a minute"

At this point the entire class of janitors is muttering "Axiom of choice".
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