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Working Holiday

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Hi I am planing to come to the US for a working holiday in a ski resort.

atm i really cant make my mind up.

i want awesome and challenging terrain, powderdays, variety in runs... lots of nightlife and plenty of girlies to chase.

where would the best place be?

atm i am thinking

Utah: Parkcity or Snowbird/Alta
CO: Brek or Vail
Cali: Hevenly or Kirkwood.
WY: Jackson Hole

Are there any resorts im not considering.... of that list i am tossing up between brek and hevenly. But now after reading more Kirkwood has come to my attention (i am not sure about the nightlife, however)

Of these resorts which are you most likley to experience altitude sickness in the villages???

I would also prefer a mountain with some cross country tracks to keep my fitness up.
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Is anyone else thinking Whistler?
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Is anyone else thinking Whistler?
i am going within the us for visa purposes.
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Kirkwood and Heavenly are very different places. Heavenly is located in South Lake Tahoe and you can take the lift right out of the center of town, baring a wind-hold (the Gondola is the first lift affected by wind). Nightlife is unlimited including major casinos, as well as more intimate bars and restaurants. Tourism ensures lots of turnover. Most people believe Heavenly is dominated by scenic intermediate trails with inconvenient traverses that cross between California and Nevada. The notable marked exception to this is the Mott and Killebrew Canyons area. Most folks are completely unaware of extensive inbounds tree and glade skiing, especially in the Olympic and North Bowl areas, and traverse accesses into Dipper Bowl; as well as epic backcountry access (partner, beacon, avy training needed) with lines that exceed 4500 vertical feet. Tourists need not apply.

Kirkwood is a skier's mountain. The nightlife consists of either driving to South Lake Tahoe, or the several bars and pub in the village as well as private parties in the condos. Much of the lodging is owner / timeshare occupied or people renting up to a week at a time. I could be missing something, but nightlife is not what comes to mind at a ski resort so isolated between wilderness areas, that has to generate all of its own power using diesel engines. What the area lacks in nightlife it makes up for in terrain. The entire top of the mountain is best described as a cliff with chutes, bowls and couloirs that feed into steep gullies, bowls, cliffs and terrain features like you'd find nowhere else. There is a lot of intermediate terrain, its just lower on the mountain, Caples Ridge and the backside. This means that there is a very high percentage of expert skiers at Kirkwood compared to most areas, and several lifts do not serve intermediate or beginner skiers at all.

Don't dismiss the possibility of Mt Rose and living in or near Reno. Also Squaw Valley has some of the best skiing in the U.S. and enough nightlife in the Village, Tahoe City and Truckee to satisfy your more prurient interests.

Good luck with the choice. I think the Tahoe area has what your looking for, you just might have to explore the options.
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Originally Posted by fallscreek_hotham View Post
i want awesome and challenging terrain, powderdays, variety in runs... lots of nightlife and plenty of girlies to chase.
Aspen has all of that, plus the best nightlife/most women in the US and perhaps NA. It also has the largest free cross country network in the nation.
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I would second the suggestion on Aspen.

Jackson Hole would be an exceptionally BAD choice if the "girlies" part is really important to you. The wintertime ratio here is about 100 guys to every girlie.

Very limited target base and extremely high competition factor. :

Good luck.
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how about mammoth?

i am an advanced skiier here in australia and im able to ski most mountians without much fuss. Will heavenly have sufficient challenging terrain?

if i were to goto CO i was thinking of vail for a working holiday.

I guess alta would be mught the same as jackson for girls and nightllife. But how about park city for terrain and tail(woman lol)?
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i am thinking more about tahoe... as i think the cost of living in vail and apen would be too much.

I think heavenly seems to be a central resort...with free or extra cheap passes to the rest of tahoe and mammoth not that far down the road.

heavenly season pass is valid at most resorts in CO so i could do a week trip here and there etc.

as i said with heavenly my only concern is terrain...but still with kirkwood around the corner and squaw over the other side of the lake im sure a couple of days trips during the week wont be too hard.

on another qn what would be the cheapest way to vancouver from san fran?
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I think you should consider making applications and choosing between resorts providing you an offer. The Tahoe area resorts often schedule job fairs at this itme of year in Australia and South America. You should attend and get your job arrangements and visa in order first, and shop resorts second. Any of the Tahoe area resorts or Mammoth would probably fill your needs for challenge and social life, but finding economical accommodations will get much harder after October.

To get to Vancouver you would most likely depart from Reno or Sacramento since they are much closer. Flights on United, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Delta and American are all competitive out of Sacramento (SMF) and the same airlines serve Reno, but at a higher cost.
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For length of season...Mammoth Mountain, where else???
A closer logitical alternative= Naeba Ski Area in Niigata Japan, where the world's longest gondola will take you to another three ski area next to Naeba, home of the Annual Japanese National Demonstrator Competition every March. Plus you can eat all the sushi you desire (hahahahahaha) and learn another language besides skiing.
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If you want to get to Vancouver from Reno, and not SF, you might look at flying into Bellingham, WA and renting a car. It's an hour's drive to Vancouver and there are regular, fairly cheap flights direct from Reno to B'ham.
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working at heavenly in retial....

next step is accomodation what is the best way to go about it?
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