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Best Bang for the Tahoe Buck?

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As I reported last April, my brother-in-law lives in Davis and I was able to score a company-paid trip to Sacramento and managed to ski at Squaw and Sugar Bowl for the price of lift tickets, beer and half the gas. He came to visit us on the 4th of July and we are already planning my trip back to Tahoe for next March? April?

So what's the best deal to ski for a week or so? I've seen the Lale Tahoe Six Pack on Slidingonthecheap.com ($249, ski 6 days with up to 2 days each at Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, Sierra at Tahoe, Heavenly, Mt. Rose, and Northstar at Tahoe). That seems like a pretty sweet deal if we want to ski a variety of places. Anything better than that?

I know you guys know the good deals. How 'bout sharing?

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If you don't like the 6 pak, and want to limit your options you can get a good deal at SAT with the 3 pak, bout the same per day. You can get single day discounts at heavenly at Local Safeway stores, but not in the in the Tahoe area, you can get discounts at REI for single day ticks at some resorts. Where exactly do you want to ski? Single week day at Homewood is cheap, Alpine is cheap weekdays. Whataya want:
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There is NOTHING better than the 6 pack, but buy it now because it will sell out by mid Sept!
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Don't forget Donner Ski Ranch.

Go on "Old School Thursday", or "Wacky Wednesday". Lift ticket=$10

(At least, it was $10 two years ago, but then it was free, because PSIA members are free, and I is, or was then, a PSIA member, and flashed my card, kinda like the American Express adds, but anyway it ended up being free, doncha know.........)

But seriously, try Donner Ski Ranch for a day. It's a taste of the carefree past, a place where 20 year old gear fits right in, where there is no attitude except "let's have fun".

And if you don't like it you are just across the street from Sugar Bowl and would not even have to repark the car.

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Given the timing of your planned visit, remember that spring pass deals tend to run from late March or early April through the end of the season, creditable towards the following year's pass. Alpine and Squaw both had $129 deals this past year. That's also typically my favorite time of year to ski the Sierra, since the crowds have moved on and with any luck, there have been some nice March dumps.
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The spring pass deal came later in 2007 than the previous year and the lack of snow made it seem like a less than stellar deal. Ultimately, I was surprised how long Alpine stayed open, although any year you don't ski into Memorial day is surprisingly bad.

I have purchased one of the six-packs and consider that to be the best deal if you know you will spend a week (non-holiday) here. That should sell-out soon. Still haven't committed to the season pass at Kirkwood for $399 (unrestricted). I'd consider Sugar Bowl for a change of pace, but they haven't posted pass prices. SAT is the most convenient place to go, but it has become so popular that I would only do a weekday pass there. Heavenly's pass at $349 remains a good deal for a major resort, and I think it includes 3-days of skiing at Vail.
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Alpine's 2007 spring pass was good starting March 25; the 2006 pass started March 26. The value of the 2007 pass was, of course, much lower than 2006.

April 2006 shots of my boys -- first two on Hot Wheels Gully, last on the backside, skier's left of Sherwood Run over Ray's Rut, with some lake in the background.

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