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Mammoth is an active volcano, which according to Wikipedia, last erupted 600 years ago in a steam eruption.

The area around Mammoth is very interesting to explore - here are some images.

One of the Inyo Craters. Easily hiked to from the Mammoth Lakes Scenic Loop. 5/2002

Another Crater 5/2002

Earthquake fault off of the highway to Main Lodge. 5/2002

Effect of CO2 emmissions collecting in low areas - note dead trees. 4/2002

Warning sign in emission area near Chair 12. 4/2002

Fumarole below Center Bowl, site of 2006 Ski Patrol tragedy. Picture taken 4/2002.

Warning sign near Fumarole 4/2002

Hot Creek, popular after-ski relaxation spot. Natural hot springs, near the airport. 5/2000