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TR: Fox in a desert pothole

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In a moment of weakness I agreed to go with the family to join some good friends and their families on another Lake Powell excursion. As much as I love canyon country, in the spring and fall, boiling my brain in the peak heat of the summer and the personal misgivings of the idea and shear decadence of lake Powell, typically puts it down the list of things to do, especially with the high country beckoning. As usual, I end up having a better time than anticipated and it truly is quality time with friends and family.

Our personal bay, beach, tent city, hiking area, cliff diving and boating, etc headquarters:

Warm Springs canyon & Tapestry Wall (800 foot):

A peak over a spout 200 feet to the lake:

Typical sandstone hiking. Endless places to explore. Looking for slots, potholes and hidden canyons:

One of our hiking buddies:

After wandering around for a awhile and checking out some drops and potholes, we found this fox trapped in a 12' deep pothole. He/she looked and acted in OK shape, despite the bump on the head. It may have been swept in during the previous night's storm:

Further view of the fox. As cute as it gets and all we wanted to do was jump in and help it out. Not wanting to risk rabies or other personal injuries...and to the fox presented us with a problem solving exercise. Plan A was to try and lay in cedar branches to allow it to climb out on it's own with little disturbance. Short on water and energy, we went back to 'base camp' for food water, supplies, help and suggestions:

With reinforcements, tons of ideas and an arsenal of 'props' we tried to safely and carefully rescue the fox from it's deep hole:

Despite our wish for a simple rescue, the fox was more stressed, the more we tried to help, including lowering a tarp and lassoing:

Back to Plan A and leave him be. A check at dusk, and he/she was still there, but looked content and comfortable, It did not look like the food and water we left was touched.??

Anxious to see how the fox fared after the night and a awesome thunder, lightening and torrential rain storm, I headed up just after dawn, ready and willing to jump in if necessary. To my dismay and disbelief the pothole was completely filled:

Some other views of potholes...a real danger if trapped:

With no evidence of a body, our hope is the rising water allowed the fox enough of a boost to exit the hole, with or with out the help of our 'ladder' and find a safe haven.
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Cool pics, nice story. Thanks!
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Coll little TR, I am heading that way at least once more this year.
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Thanks. October is great for the fall colors, cool nights and comfortable days. Thought about ya, BW, as we tooled by White Canyon on Cedar Mesa.
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at least

you tried.
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Another unsolved mystery, but a nice trip.
How did the humans fare with the storms?
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We were fine, but one of the appeals of the house boat is sleeping on the top under the zillions of stars and shooters (and better breezes), which left one tent empty. This blew into the lake and sank as it wasn't anchored properly, : while everyone on top dove into the boat for the rest of the first night.

A couple more pics:

Cliff jumping:

A nice turn:

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