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what motivates you?

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Ok, I need some more help on my homework, kids...
What motivates you to ski? (seriously)
I already have the basics like
-social aspect
-fresh air
Help me out here!! Thanks!
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The challenge of learning something I'm not a "natural" at.
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Well first of all, there is nothing better then strapping on my Rossi XXX's on a Powder Day and dancing with the Lady(Lady Pow). But also I have to tell you that getting out in the middle of ALTA, is just "Good for My Soul". I know that I'm on Sacred Ground and I feel close to my Higher Power. Some may say I 'm a fool or whatever. But half of my ski experience is just "Taking It All In". [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I spent a good bit of my childhood in mountains and snow country, but unfortunately I am now stuck in the flatlands. In addition to the things you already mentioned, skiing is a good excuse for me to get back to the mountains and relax.

Tom / PM
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Turns baby, perfect turns.
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Walking on Water is heavenly!
I love going with the flow. The challenges, the exhileration, the feeling of flying close to the ground. Trying out new things. Being with the wonderful natural surroundings my God has made. I am always amazed at the beauty.
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I spend my working life using my brain (rather than my body); most of my chosen spare time pursuits are also intellectual (bridge, crosswords, maths). For me, the achievement of doing something that needs physical skills - getting down a steep slope under control with a set of perfect turns (if only...) gives me a huge rush.

So I don't think it has to be skiing (for the same reason I also get great satisfaction from playing something well on the piano). But a skiing holiday also gives beautiful scenery, something I can enjoy non-competitively with my husband, the chance to practise my French or German and an excuse to eat and drink a lot each evening.
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This is probably going to sound really cheesy... but for me it's feeling like I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the thing I was meant to do. None of the other sports I enjoy make me feel like that. I'm so happy and focused and free all at once that all the worries of everyday life disappear.
Even when I'm asleep my mind is overactive with complex dreams, but when I ski my mind is finally at peace because everything makes sense!
(61 days till I hit the slopes )
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The Sausage Egg and Cheese and coffee in the Gatehouse at Sugarbush before putting on boots. Enough said.
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Speed, adrenaline, and looking back up at that towering mountain knowing that you skied it.
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For me it is certainly the allure of getting rich by bringing skiing to the masses as a ski instructor. You have to spend money to make money and after 46 years I have learned enough and spent enough that my ship is certain to come in. Just a little while longer. My ship is just over the horizion, I know it. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

There is something about the even build and relaxation of G forces, the rhythm, the sense of power way beyond the human bodies capability of producing on its own and the relative silence that keeps me comming back. Its very hard to explain, its more like and addiction. The only thing that comes close is aerobatics in a glider.

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I like being on the top of the mountain and letting my eyes go right out to the horizon. the faraway focus feels good to my eyes, it calms me down. I like looking at the way the land lays, just contemplating the way everything is put together. It's a mystical thing, a contemplative thing that helps me to cultivate humility. I like it, too, if the weather is rough. I once sat on a trail near the top while a front was coming through and I was in this cloud-fog, feeling really IN the weather. Not many were on the mountain at that time, so I was pretty much alone, every once in a while I would hear someone pass but only see a vague shape in the fog. Mostly what I did hear was the wind and the sleety snow hitting me and the trees. I stayed there a long time, pretty comfortable in my hightech clothes, thinking that this was REALLY living.

I also like to see the strange stuff along the high mountain trails. Catwalk trail at Smuggler's has a mountain spring along it's uphill side that freezes in big, colored blebs until it's a wall of multicolored ice. I just dig looking at it. It's not the only spring, either, and I visit all of them often through the season, watching them develop. I like the way the snow and hoarfrost get sculpted by the high mountain winds and the way the trees are stunted but they still live way up there, as do the animals whose tracks I see.

I would say that half the reason I ski is for the view, although it seems silly to apply percentages to such things.

I dig how the dudes below stick their tongues out in unison.
[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Lito Tejada Flores described skiing as "dancing with the mountain" and that pretty much describes it for me. The challenge to ski this run, at this time, perfectly and to be in tune with the environment.

To be alone on a slope, just you, the snow, the scenery and the silence. A chance to challenge yourself physically, and also get a spiritual recharge.

I think I'll go and have a lie down now!
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Spectacular Beauty
One with Nature
Blistering Speed and Agility
Nothing makes me smile like skiing
(you can't buy that)
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This motivates me...

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The above motivates me!

and ......

Mr Potatohead has all his bits and pieces stuck in the correct holes.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh yeh .. 6ft and offshore motivates me too
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Being above the fray, in an area still unspoiled by man, yet acessible enough to be fun! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What more or less everyone above has already stated with one addition: gravity! The rest of the year I'm cycling, an anti-gravity sport (I have not and do not foresee myself putting my mtn bike onto a chairlift). To sit in a chair and get hauled uphill then get to turn em down and be turned loose...

eez dreemy
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Ski bunnies! And the fact that I'll never get a ticket for speeding because the mountain "cops" won't be able to catch me ;^)

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after skiing for weeks on the same snow, I get up and wonder if it's worth going. Then I think back to when I didn't know what skiing was. Then i promptly get dressed and wait for my ride. =)

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I'm a shy person in everyday life.
I can't dance, can't feel the music fill my body, I feel like a dressed Bear...
don't talk much, usually hold back.
But, when I ski, I feel another person, I feel the forces flowing throught my body
I become a different person, livelier, and I feel at peace with myself.
Het, has said it better than me!
Skiing makes me feel alive again (imagine where I kissed my wife-to-be for the first time, on a chairlift!)
And a mountain is one of the few places where I do really feel God's presence.
Now I have two young kids, the male bonding aspect adds to the other things.
They need some fresh air, we all nedd it, as Frances has put it, I use my brain for work, all my muscles aches
for a stretch,it's good to do something physical, for a change.
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I ski for many reasons, and not always the same ones, but mainly I like being in the mountains with the wind in my face as I try to scare myself on every run. I love to push my limits ,see new places, ski with good friens and make new friends. Snorkleing through the powder, sticking the landing of a 40 foot drop, or making the rare perfect turn on fresh corderoy are all religious experiences in my book.
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You ski because you are afraid? Of what? Mont Saint-Marie cannot be that scary.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TomB:

You ski because you are afraid? Of what? Mont Saint-Marie cannot be that scary.

That is scary!
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Wow. Some great responses. Thank you all! Unfortunately, my paper is not allowed to be as philosophical as some of those great answers. Anyone who enjoys the way the sun shines on the mountains, or anything about being in the mountains, should read "A near View of the High Sierra" by John Muir. I'm sure we can all relate to the breathtaking beauty of the mountains that Muir writes of. Anyways, it is 1 am and my paper is due in less than 12 hours so I should quit procrastinating.....
ps: my motivation: remembering how sad I was in November when the hill wasn't open yet...
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Formerly gashw...

fear n 1: an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)

*sigh* I answered the question asked. What motivates me to ski? I didn't respond to the implied "What do I get out of skiing?" I saw them as different questions.

I've never entered a freeskiing contest (that I ever had a chance of winning) nor an unfamiliar slope without some trepidation. I feel the heightened sense of awareness (the fear) is a great modivator especially when you finally reach the bottom and look back up - hopefully with satisfaction.

As for Mont Ste Marie, please, bulletproof tabletops and such have a very high butt-clenching factor.

Where no hope is left, is left no fear. --Milton.
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That PERFECT day. Some say it's a myth. Everything clicks you're skiing the best you ever have, the snow is just right everywhere for any kind of turn on any terrain, clear blue sky, not to cold not to warm, great company, good beer, and great sex. I know this all sounds like it could never happen all together but MAN!! it happened to me last March at Sugarbush. Probably never happen again but one can never stop seaching. Infact there is a picture on the Sugarbush web site, in the archives, of LBrother1 and I coming down Black Diamond. The sun is behind a lift tower so the two of us look as if we are in the shadows. It's a great picture if anyone is so inclined to go find it. It was one of the Bush's daily web cam shots. I'm on the right Lbrother1 is on the left.

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I'm sorry, I just went to the Sugarbush website through rsn.com and couldn't find the picture. However, I sent an email to my friend, the guy that takes the daily web shots, so I should have that picture and a few more of LBrother1 getting some big dumb air that same day.

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