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New Ski Fiction: Title Suggestions

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Well the good news is: After three years of endless re-writes and plot revisions, I have finally found a publisher for my ski related novel, whose original title was Loveland: Reflections in the Snow. However, according to the publisher, this title gives the impression of being two different titles, which would divide the attention instead of focusing it. She is suggesting that I simply use "Reflections in the Snow." Here is a synopsis. Based on what you read, which title works best? Thanks!

As the story begins, physical therapist Mariel Savan Leeds is walking
her greyhound through Battery Park City. The date is September 11, 2001.
She hears the music to Ravel's Bolero. Realizing that it's the ring tone
on her new cell phone, she fumbles through her bag and answers on the
last ring. It's her father, former 10th Mountain Division member Aaron
Savan, advising her that he has arrived early for their breakfast date
at Windows on the World. Moments later. Mariel sees the planes hit the

When she arrives at her parent's home in Brooklyn heights, Mariel finds
her mother former Ziegfeld Girl and USO performer Catherine De Vries
Savan, holding a copy of Aaron's will. He has requested that upon his
death, a memorial service should be held at the Loveland Pass in
Colorado. Furthermore, he has bequeathed to Mariel, and only Mariel, his
stockholder shares at the Loveland Ski Resort.

In the next few years. Mariel experiences the worst possible symptoms of
post-traumatic stress disorder and survivor's guilt. She only comes out
of it when her husband, Jonathan Leeds, takes her on ski trips to
Colorado, where Aaron had trained with the 10th Mountain Division. When
Jonathan sees a PT clinic for sale in Breckenridge, he buys it for his
wife. The caveat: He will keep his high-paying NYC job until they are
sure that the clinic will be successful.

Once in CO., Mariel meets ski instructor Vietnam vet David La Vecchia. La Vecchia has always been fascinated by Mariel's father, and wants Mariel to help him make a documentary about Aaron's life.

The plot thickens when Mariel's brother sends her a stack of letters
that were sent to their father by Kate Springfield, a former WAC who was
involved with Aaron during their training days at Camp Hale CO. Kate is
now working at the ski school desk at Loveland. Kate and Mariel meet and
form a friendship. One evening, Mariel is at a dinner party. The host is
showing a video of an organization called Wounded Warriors, which trains
disabled veterans to become adaptive ski instructors. Kate is one of the
trainers. The background music to the video is Ravel's Bolero. Kate gets
Mariel involved with Wounded Warrior's as a PT and as a ski instructor.

So as you see, Loveland plays an important role in the story, but is my publisher correct in saying that Reflections in the Snow is the more compelling title?

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Have to agree with your publisher here. Location will be known in course of reading the book. Loveland: as a real world place, just detracts from the intrigue of a fictional novel. For local sales, the "Loveland" component may be beneficial, but is not needed in the title.

Wounded Warriors....hmm A boot yet to be written?

BTW, a small credit for the photo and a complementary copy in the last book would have been "nice". We bought 4 anyway.
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OMG! You never got your copy. I thought my publisher had sent you one. PM me again with your address and I will send you one of my own. And GRRR! I had sent them your name and Allison's for the photo credits. I just looked at the book and realized that they never put it in.
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I read that book, and Cirque's daughter on the cover is an eye catching read! Good on ya both!

Titles are touchy. It's the most important thing about a book. You'll either be wanting to open it or pass it by.

How about combining both of them? "Reflections in Loveland". It's short, sweet, and leaves the door open. Loveland doesn't need to be a ski resort for the bodice-ripping readers....they'll see LOVE and pick it up. You'll get mostly romantics readers and some skiers, but a whole lot of Bears. :

PS. Thanks to your tip, I'm doing a story myself this week for that publisher. Whee!
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Just the other day, someone here in "Cincitucky" referred to something being in Loveland. I perked up, only to find out he meant Loveland, Ohio!
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Lisa, no worries.

Bonni to join the ranks of published bears? Lets see, what applies? : :
There, one of those should surely work.
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Bonni, that is fantastic! That job actually paid real money. May this be the start of a profitable career.

BTW, this is much less of a "bodice ripper" than that piece of trash I was working on a few years ago. More of a ski town "slice of slice," with historical tidbits that are far too interesting to be trivia. Working for a historical society can really stir up the imagination!
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I still have that 'bodice ripper' in a file. Let the past remain filed and forward motion, eh?
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Someone should really use Reflections of a Snowflake
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I'm not crazy about either title. "Loveland" sounds non-fiction; "Reflections in the Snow" sounds like "Steep and Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy."
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