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Hi Snofun, sorry i must have some brain freeze happening! You're right about carving i just can't see myself suddenly spending all day carving. I bet after the first couple times up i will be more like 50/50.
You can bet i will be demoing skis for the whole first year to find a good fit, i am just looking for direction on what others recommend to give me a starting point. Do you think 175 is more closer to what i need?
I'll throw my 2 cents in too.

I'm smaller than you by quite a bit at 5'6 and now days closing on 175. But when I skied the 7XK I did so in a 193. That was down from my usual lengths that usually hovered around 200 ish.

My first modern ski was a Volkl P 40 something or other in a 177. Thats as short as my ego would allow me to go. Now, 4 or 5 skis later, the longest (and widest) ski I have is 175 (Fischer Big Stix 7.6) and my favorites for small hill playing are a set of 155cm Atomic SL 11's. I also have an old Rossi SL ski in 160 and some Head monster 70's in 170.

I really want a wider ski-something in a mid 80's waist--just can't pull the trigger---even with Jims fantastic sale prices (man was I tempted on teh B3's in about a 175 ish length) -- because I don't really need it, I just want it.

I'll say go somewhere in a mid 70-'s low 80's waist somewhere in the 170-180 length.

You'll think ---wow! power steering---er I mean power tipping---er I mean power brushing!: compared to old gear.

And get good boots ---fitted properly!