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I got my invite today

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Wow, the season isn't too far away. I got a piece of mail today asking me to contact the SS office about the upcoming season. Anybody else get theirs too? :
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not yet, but I did talk to Kris a coupla days ago - maybe this season we'll get to meet.
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Can't wait to meet. I had a blast there last season. Looks like the formal letters are going out by the end of August. I looked on the website and it appears they are setting a much higher cutoff standard for snowboard instructors this year. There may be some fresh faces from my old mountain too. They are also having a top national snowboard trainer join this year. I have temporarily forgotten his name. I can't wait !!! I would love to finally get my Level II. There are still some things this middle-aged lady needs to work on.

I'm interested in any carpooling opportunities.
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