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IM going to denver in the middle of august and was wondering what some cool things were to do and if there is any skiing at all left, also i heard of some cliffs by some dam that people were jumping off like 60 feet and were wondering where those are at?thanks
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Hi xscream15, I am probably a little old for "cool" things but... most nightlife is downtown and lower downtown aka LODO. Coors field is located in LODO if you want to take in a game. Tickets are easy to come by.

Have not heard anything about dams and cliffs, cannot imagine where that might be. We do not have many cliffs in Denver.

No snow left that I can see.

Lots of hiking and mtn biking nearby, what interests you? Will you be going to the Mountains while your here?
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Try to traverse the city on either I-70 or I-25 anyhere near rush hour--that ought to eat up a lot of time.
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Mrs. Skicrazy & I drove over Loveland Pass last Sunday and basically, the snow is gone.
We saw one small snow field that looked as if you could make a few turns on it, and sure enough, someone had. I'd suggest some rock climbing or mtn. biking while you are here. The fishing has been pretty good, too.
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Hi again you might want to take a look at http://denver.citysearch.com/
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Hi again. You may want to think about a concert at Red Rocks if there is one while you are here. Saw Lyle Lovett last night. Amazing venue.
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If you're single and under 30, LODO is the place to be. If you're cute, but broke, stay out of the Chop House - go to the Funky Budha. If you're cute and rich, go directly to the Chop House. I'm a Denver native. If I was 25 again, I'd have my mail delivered there.

If you're single and over 30, Cherry Creek North is the place to be.

Otherwise, just make sure you leave - don't even think about moving here. And, tell everyone else you know that Denver sucks.<FONT size="1">

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There is a bar downtown called LODO's as well. Decent spot to do some trolling, if you're into that. Across the street is Market 34 I believe. You can go there at about 12:00 am and watch the girls make out, if you're into that. Also there is the Boiler Room (is that right SCSA?) located nest to the campus on Speer Blvd. Good for a burger and some billiards. If you are the grungier type, there's a good biker bar/roadhouse on Hampden (west) called "The X". Don't go there unless you have a Harley and an Ol' Lady!! Usually have a pretty loud band and cheap beer. Breckenridge Brewery downtown across the street from Coors Field... good chow and a cool crowd. I'm not sure if this place still exists, but The Rock Bottom Brewery downtown is a nice place to eat some greasy food and dump some suds down your throat.

Biking around Cherry Creek Reservoir. (I-225 to Parker) Pretty fun. Ball games. There's a huge dog run at Cherry Creek Res. if you have a dog. Can't remember the adress, (you could look it up when you get there) but there was a paintball warehouse called "Z-War Zone". Huge time had by all. Huge Movie theater on Quincy that is fun to catch flicks at (I-225 to Parker S. to Quincy... Right there on the corner)

There's tons to do if you apply yourself. Just the tip of the iceberg here. Hope it helps!

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Yeah, the Boiler Room is fun. One other idea is the Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel.
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If you want to ski, try St. Mary's "glacier": west of Idaho Springs: turn off I-70 and go north a few miles. I don't know what the conditions are but you will have to hike up and there are nasty rocks at the bottom so care is required. Sorry: no high-speed quads, bars at the bottom, or beautiful people in Bogners.
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For info on skiing at St. Mary's Glacier check out http://www.firstrax.com/150.htm

In Lodo, I like B-52's. Good for getting loaded, meeting people, playing pool or all three.

As for other Denver's nightlife, I can't add much more except perhaps the area North of Cherry Creek Mall (sensibly called Cherry Creek North). It is a small, kind of high priced area South of Denver's Downtown. Be sure to check out The Cherry Cricket. It is a good dive/pub/resturant/sports bar. It can be a cool destination or a good base of operations on your way to the swankier bars and resturants in the area.<FONT size="1">

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