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ski area clothing

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As I went to work yesterday I was reminded once more that you can pretty much wear any sort of clothing as long as you have the ego to go with it.

I also heard two borders discussing new pants & one said that they were two baggy (true story I kid you not).

My pick of the bunch though was a guy wearing multi coloured fluro pants. Nice.

The snow is setting up again so the rot my have stopped for now.
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I usually wear the Carhart Overall Knock-offs that I got at Walmart.

They're the best ever!
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I hit Northface's Outlet store near me. They have, a couple times a year, just increadable prices. A couple of weeks ago I picked up pants, jacket and a flece liner from their show sample sale. All mediums, but they were in geat shape. $150. The advantage is that most of this stuff is next years samples.
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Yeh North Face do great deals in the factories.

My preference is anything one-piece by Bogner, tight in the butt and thigh, vouminous round the shoulders, and lined with any rare animal fur.
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I'm more into the flourecent strech pants. You know the ones that look like a wet suit, wear like a wet suit, and for that matter provide much the same comfort as a wet suit. If you great deals on work gear grab a "Campmor" catalog, good stuff. Speaking of getting looks I wore my Carhart double layer pants out a few days ago to a bar in the DC area and got more freakish looks than I have in a while. Get your hands dirty you Yuppies!!
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Raw dog, baby! Actually, at the end of last season I was wearing this crappy Helly jacket I got at CitySports because my Marmot piece got stolen- I knew the jacket was sorta lame, but didn't realize how lame until I saw it was the one given to the SKI magazine boot testers.

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Pow Junkie you hippie don't even pretend your not a yuppie!

My fav ski outfit is jeans, a starter jacket, baseball hat and a cigarette. Ahh..Wachusett.
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Ohhhh.. It's on now baby we will take this off line, but it's on! Oh yeah the eighties called. They said you were giving them a bad name!
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We've had a bunch of clear sunny days the last few weeks (punctuated by blizzards) and in honour of the first really good one, I got my AT stuff on, and a pair of shorts. Used the resort lifts to get to the top, and then went exploring on the Main Range for a bit, then skiied back down, to the vast amusement of the guests (and my students in particular). Shorts are the ultimate ski gear but make sure you put on 30+.
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Does it really matter if it works? Day Glo, name brand or off-brand, baggy or tight is all good if it keeps you warm and dry. If someone is interested in fashion, they should get off the mountain and head for 5th Ave. or Rodeo Drive. Once there they can commune with those others like themselves who appreciate style.
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We keep the staff acommodation at a lovely 20 degrees C that's the only place I'm wearing shorts at the moment. In another month though I groom in shorts.

We had another dusting last night a fair bit of wind with it though, more forcast tonight.

I admit there is a place for all clothing types. I prefer our staff uniform though. It's black so doesn't show up the oil stains.
The maintenance & grooming staff that have this gear are like the men in black, we clean up the mess.
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A friend of mine skis in the Cabela's blaze orange camo stuff. Tremendous. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I once saw a woman ski in a full lenght fur coat. I wanted to dart her and re-located her to Alaska.
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Originally posted by Lostboy:
Does it really matter if it works? Day Glo, name brand or off-brand, baggy or tight is all good if it keeps you warm and dry.
Of course it matters. I don't care if my Bogner keeps me dry, I just want to make sure people know it cost more than most people earn in a year, and that it is a one-off. And I don't give a monkey's if my Gucci sunglasses are UV protecting either.
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what about those stupid Frat Boys who ski in togas?

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I'm Verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves...I'll give you a topic. Eighties strech ski suits have done more to damage mans verility than speedo's...

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I once saw a guy skiing in a Dry as a bone (you have to be kiwi or ozzie to know this one) the jacket must have weighed a tonne on him as he kept falling over & the waterproofing wasn't working.

As for skin tight ski suits look at the race skiers, they still doing it.
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Originally posted by Pow Junkie:
Eighties strech ski suits have done more to damage mans verility...
Is this natural selection in action? If the stretch suit damages the wearer's virility, then, theoritcally, that man is less likely to have offspring to continue his genetic make-up, therefore future generations have less to worry about.
Perhaps thy weren't as bad after all, if they reduce the number of Bogner wearers in the future.

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Perhaps thy weren't as bad after all, if they reduce the number of Bogner wearers in the future.
You got a problem with Bogner?

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No, not with Bogner per se, in the same way that I don't have a problem with little red sports cars.
It's not the object, it is the person inside the object.
The object does not show off its design, its style, its class when occupied by someone who doesn't measure up to the orignal designer's dream person for the object.

Did Enzo think of 50 year old men driving down to the golf club wearing their Pringle sweaters when he first dreamt up his cars, or was he thinking of slightly younger men with other activities in mind?
Perhaps the original Bogner one pieces were designed for a particular market sector, but I'd doubt if many of that sector wear them now.
Then again, I'm not PC.
I could be wrong, but aesthetically I know what I like, and what, in my mind looks good, and what doesn't.


P.S. Apologies to any older men who have driven sports cars all their lives, and did not just buy one to cope with their mid-life crisis, or to seduce younger women.
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WTFh, I am going to beat you around the head with my diamond-studded Bogner one-piece belt if I ever get hold of you.

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I'm shaking in my soft boots.

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good point. There is always a Darwinistic way of looking at things. I have had the pleasure of spending many years swimming competitively and I have found that it is not the verility that is problematic it is the multiple surgery's that are required to put my moving parts back toghether. However now that I have moved on to destroying my knee's instead of shoulders I am not taking any chances and go "baggy" pants all the way.
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Unless it's raining, or very cold/windy(below 0), I'm usually found in just a pair of Columbia black ski pants over whatever warm pants I have handy, and my fleece Volkswagen Racing fleece over a longsleeve tshirt. If it's rainy, the Columbia shell goes ever that. if it's really cold and windy, another fleece and the shell over the VW shell.
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