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Snow Thrill

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I just noticed that the new Snow Thrill pics ar eup at www.redbullsnowthrill.com. check them out, thereare some pretty great shots. Haines looks amazing!!!

I hope to make it out there to ski someday
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Wonderful terrain!

Look at the 2cd video down here: http://www.redbullsnowthrillofalaska.com/photos.php

Wonderful terrain, but am I a freak for thinking the almost total lack of turning in this clip is kind of boring? Kids straightlining, even with huge air, seems a lot less interesting (and skilled) than even what guys like Schmidt was doing 10 years ago!
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Oh, that wasn't what I thought at all. Guys like Schmitt were unbelievable. I think this stuff is pretty amazing though!!

The photograhpic element of the competition interests me the most.
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Its only the folks straightlining in the backseat over rocks that I think is boring - no matter how big those rocks may be. The point of view shot of turns in the steeps is cool.
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Yeah, nothing like Schmidt, hucking to a hip check or his sequence into the ??? in the Blizzard of Ahhs or ............
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Like Todd said, all balls no skill.
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One telling thing is that most of the top extremists who have long been skiing highly technical routes, which sometimes also include huge air, have a couple of decades of serious skiing under their belt. Quite often with a competitive training background.

Its been noticable that the age of many of the 'stars' has gone down quite a bit, and many don't have nearly as much time on their skis under their belt. Because frankly, just hucking - even with a backflip now and then - doesn't require the experience/skill that technical route-finding and skiing (and air too) do.

Are there some fabulous skiers who can both really rip in all conditions AND huck huge air and tricks? Sure. But the silver screen seems to be mostly dominated now by those who can only do the latter.
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The skiers

Guerlain Chicherit 20
Chris Davenport 31
Hugo Harrison 23
Pierre-Yves Leblanc 27
Kaj Zackrisson 27
Rick Greener 29
Jamie Burge 25
Sverre Liliequist 30

Avg age looks fairly old to me.
Which do you suppose has no skills and only balls.

I think they are all very skilled.
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I don't think there is any doubt that these guys are ballsy and talented. It takes serious cajones to do this stuff, na dif you can't ski well, you can't get down the mountain!

I also suppose that drinking tons of Red Bull might help with the balls part!!

I am not sure how I would do in this sort of competition! These guys are seriously good!
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I've skied with Davenport, I know he is an excellent all round skier. Its certainly possible that what we are seeing (with some exceptions) is more the result of the film editing. Only the hucking sells, not high speed shredding (i.e. *turning*) ?? I'm not sure - after all, in this case we are talking only about what we saw in a very short film clip!
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Todd, I think you make a great point. I thik the photography is aazing, and the video is good, but it is hard to determine which of these skiers is superior. I beleive the point of the contest was to get the best pictures though.
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