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Name change not popular

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Apparently there are locals besides myself who are unhappy with our recent name change.
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Name Change

Sibhusky, Ditto from a non-local. After all when trout or steelhead fishing and you catch a Whitefish, a true afficiando considers a whitefish a trash fish.::
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I've only been there once, for a week. I don't care for the new name either.
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Why did they change the name? You think that would be kissing off the marketing of the past few years. On the other hand, up here it's more often referred to as Whitefish than as Big Mountain when people talk about resorts, and I wasn't really aware of the Big Mountain moniker until about five years ago.
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Maybe because of perceived confusion with more heavily branded Big Sky. Whitefish would eliminate confusion and tie it to a location as well.

I can see how long-timers would be upset. For me though, I could care less about what the name of a place is... just as long as the mountain is open for skiing.
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I think that the locals don't really want people to FIND Big Mountain and are happy to have them go to Big Sky. Also, it was a perceived "outsider" who has taken over the place -- the mountain, a number of restaurants, a big place on the lake formerly owned by Mary Hart and her husband (who everybody was always pissed at until Foley came along....Now the Sugarmans look at bit better), a jet center at the airport, and some other things that escape me right now.
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With Big Sky being the other Montana resort, I can see the desire to change the name. As mentioned before, I agree Hellroarin Basin would have been a better option.
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Real skiers didn't confuse Big Mountain with Big Sky. The name change reflects the resort's change in direction from a skiers' mountain to a destination resort which also has skiing.
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