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Why I love my job

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... because I was just in a pub in Putney, in London, having a (non-alcoholic, as it turns out) drink with a mate, when this lovely young blonde grabs my shoulder and hugs me and says: "Sandgroper! I knew it was you! It's lovely to see you!"

And I then had a nice long talk with a girl I worked with in Park City last season. Who I last saw as she left to go back to New Zealand and never expected to see again (she's not going back to PC).

And we randomly meet in a pub in one of the world's biggest and most crowded cities thousands of miles from her home and it was just like we'd never left.

Didn't do my cred with my mates any harm, either.

This may be in the wrong forum, but I love ski instructing, I really do ... You rarely see that sort of thing in journalism!
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This is one of those threads that could be so immeasurably enhanced through the use of photos.

Sounds like the world is indeed a small place.
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Small world eh! I had the same experience a few years back. Traveling thru New Zealand I randomly ran into 4 Kiwi instructors (that I had worked with in Colorado one season) at a bar in Wanaka. Life's adventures can be crazy.
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I see a trend. All these random encounters keep happening in bars. Could it be that ski instructors like to hang out in BARS? : This is kinda like I keep running across fellow sailors I know in bars. Just a scientific observation.
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This happens to my dad all the time, he's a salesman, not a barfly though.

i'd be willing to trade with you. how about 40 hours a week in front of a computer screen with bad lighting ? It's so much better than spending your time outside with the only thing holding you down is gravity.
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Cougar, you've just described my summer life. That's why I spend my winters up hills playing with gravity.

Er, and blondes.
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Sandgroper..........this is one of those stories that makes me smile
It also makes me wonder if there is someone special who I'll bump into when I least expect it. One can hope.
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