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Steamboat in December

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I was wondering how snow conditions are in December in Steamboat. I've been there before in Jan and Feb. They are offering a ski class there and I was wondering if the skiing would be worth it. I'm not really interested in the class, just the ski.
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Some years Steamboat gets pounded in December, some years they don't have squat. It's generally pretty good, but it's best to wait until the last minute to book if possible.
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The past two or maybe even three seasons have not been kind to Steamboat early season.
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I'm wondering the same thing. I read yesterday that Steamboat has the best snow in CO in Dec. and Jan.
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Don't believe every thing you read. Early December is a crap shoot.
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Early in December or late? There's a world of difference. By the end of the month you'll probably find the terrain near 100% open in an average year. Early in the month there will be a lot less open. Unlike a lot of other Colorado areas, Steamboat waits until Thanksgiving to open. Having said that, Steamboat has been known to get pounded in November and open with nearly 100% of their terrain on opening day.
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Early Dec will be much less terrain open than later in the month... regardless of snowpack. Lift/terrain openings are mostly dependent on skier volume. Sundown and Sunshine typically open 2nd week in Dec, Morningside and Pony the week right before Xmas (although that terrain sometimes opens earlier than the lifts)... so early Dec can be great snow and less crowds, but it will also be less terrain to choose from.
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Sorry, thought this thread was dead. Dead thread. The class is in early December. I'll probably hold off on this one.
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