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I wouldn't even think about skis until you have a perfect pair of boots under you. You can always rent the newest and baddest skis every year, but boots are something YOU HAVE TO GET right. Ideally, I like to see someone's foot before I recomend anything. If you have any ideas of problem areas of your foot, I can give you some ideas of boots I stick people in with similar problems... but there's like a 70% chance of me being flat wrong without seeing your foot. I can tell you, that there are some boots that I stick more people in then others, and Nordica's Beast series is definitely one of those boots.

So, get your boots together, get a pair of custom insoles and rent skis for a little while until you find something you like.

BTW, from your list, my favorite ski on there would prolly be the AMC 73. I've been on the 79 and it was a blast (It was like a GS all mountain ski, I loved it), and I don't think the 73 would be too much different.
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OK folks, I’ll give you the update. I did wind up taking the plunge with the skis. I know even though I said I didn’t want to get into multiple pairs of skis, as CharlieP implied at the beginning of my thread, I also know realistically that that’s probably a joke . So any future pairs I will demo for sure, but, right or wrong, I just couldn’t stand the thought of doing that right away. So anyway, I would up getting a pair of new "leftover" ’06 Atomic SX:7’s in a 166. Based on what many of you have said, while not a race ski, the Supercross series does seem to be advertised as a ski with “race- type” characteristics but at a more consumer level. I think they’ll fit the bill for most of my needs. Anyway, we’ll see soon enough if I made a reasonable choice.

As far as boots, it’s funny Troy mentioned the Beast series because I have tried on quite a few pairs/brands and that’s the way I am leaning so far. The Nordica’s just seem to feel better (wide foot with fairly high arch). I tried a pair of Speedmachine 8’s today in 26.5 and I loved them, but that may be too stiff a boot for me. (Plus they ain’t exactly cheap, but if push came to shove I’d spend the money on a good boot that fits right). They were out of the Beast 10 in that size (which happened to be on sale) and the guy checked his computer to see if any other store had it….no luck. I tried the 27.5 he did have…a tad big. So…for now I am on hold as far as boots. I’ll wait as long as need be until I can find something near-perfect as I have a hard to fit foot.

I must say I am pumped to be getting back into it after all these years…for the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward to winter!
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Hi Foghorn:

Congratulations on the purchase of a brand new pair of skis. I hope you will enjoy them. I think you will. My "go to ski" is a pair of 160 Atomic SX9s and I've really enjoyed them. Was up at Sugarbush and Mad River Glen last year with my daughter in late March when they had a 20 inch dump and skied those skis in knee deep powder as well as eastern hard pack. They did everything well. We had a blast. So I expect that the SX7s will do fine for you as a "get back into skiing" ski. By the way, the SX9s were a gift from my daughter to me three years ago, so I probably will never part with them even after they earn their retirement. I'll be skiing a pair of 165 Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous this year (thanks to lobbying in the forum in another thread by TrekChick).

As many people have said in this forum, the boots are even more important than the skis. And for boots it is the fit. Most professional ski equipment stores (not outlets) will be more than happy to adjust the fit of the boots for as long as it takes. So for next season, I would not be hestitant in taking them back to the store you purchased them from to get tweaks and adjustments as many times and as often as you feel that they are uncomfortable and not fitting well. A good fitting boot should feel like a glove which fits snuggly over your foot with no wiggle room but also without any hot spots or pain. Anyway, I'll let others more knowledgeable than myself comment more on this important issue. Also, as an additional expense, it is best to get "custom insoles", which cost about $150-200 (well that was how much it cost about 5 years ago). If the custom insoles are too extravagent, you might want to consider off the shelf insoles. One brand which is well known is the "Superfeet" ($25-35). If other Bears have any thoughts or comments pro or con, please feel free to jump in. I feel insoles are important and don't think their is a controversy on this. But I could be wrong.

Again, congratulations and good luck with your new purchases. Also, welcome back to the ranks of skiers.

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Congratulations. Don't know much about Atomic's but they do have a reputation for making some very good skis.You' re absolutely right about holding off on boots until a wider selection becomes available (which should be soon.)

Find an excellent boot fitter (again, you can consult Epic Ski's list).
Fit trumps price, always. A good pair of properly fitting boots will make all the difference in both your enjoyment of the sport and your ability to progress. Not only are boots the most important equipment purchase you will make, they can easily outlast many pairs of skis- at least until you progress beyond a boot's performance range.

While you are waiting for the new gear to arrive in shops, you can use the search feature here to read up on what to look for in a properly fitting boot (you may be surprised). Also, you can start to save a little from your next paychecks or count those coins lying around the house to help defray the cost of new boots.

Anyway, welcome back to the world of skiing. It's the very best way to enjoy the winter, I've found. Even better that you are making it a family affair.
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Foghorn -

i think you'll like the ski, and I'm glad you're waiting on the boots ... but i want to stress the importance of a custom insole ... when I'm fitting boots, I don't even have a customer try one on without at least a Superfeet trim to fit, and I almost refuse to sell them without. A custom is the way to go, no questions asked, and you should be able to get them for about $100 - $120 ... if the shop you're at doesn't do custom footbeds along with boots, go to another shop that does both ... they're not much of a boot fitter if they don't do both. And they'll usually give you a discount on the footbeds if you buy boots.
have fun

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