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Great Baker Ski Story

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I lost my Salomon hiking shoes walking from the lodge to the truck after changing into ski gear one February morning last ski season at Mt. Baker. I didn't notice until the end of the day and reported the loss by filling out a report, checked several more times while I was there in weeks to come, nothing, figured they were lost/stolen, whatever ... until yesterday!!!
No kidding, the main office called and informed me they found the shoes - they have been floating around somewhere in their office? Come on down and get them they said. I did just that first thing this morning, they looked as I remember them and even though they have long been replaced, it still feels like all is good with the world.
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That's great! Have you seen a pair of lime green Scott poles with the florescent orange band in the middle and faded orange baskets? Last seen Snowbird parking lot 1993...
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