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Rossignol Radical World Cup RX GS... hot or not?

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So I just got a deal on a pair of one year old Rossi 191 GS race skis with plates and FKS185s - $275. Anyone skied these things and feel like sharing their opinions?

The consensus seems to be that Rossis are soft, and that the 'Radical' badged ones in particular are very soft for race skis. Then again, that might be a good thing for a non-racer like me.

I used to ski 205 K2 MSLs, just retired them after 12 years of good times . The replacements are 97mm midfats for the steeps and pow, and these things for booting groomers. Do you think they'll be manageable and fun? I'm 6'5", 185lb, skiied 20 years in the PNW.

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To answer my own jongish question, this thread has some good words.
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Rossi considerably stiffened their race offerings when they switched from the 9S/X to the RS/X. While they're still one of the softer brands, they certainly won't be too soft for someone with a lanky build- even at 200lbs and 5'11" I found them to have quite enough backbone to deal with whatever a good recreational skier can throw at them.

Its hard to say whether or not you got a "deal" without seeing more of the skis. It sounds like they were racer owned, which means that they probably have had a significant amount of edge material removed. If nothing else, you get a season out of them and some sweet discontinued bindings.
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Thanks for the thoughts, and good point that it's not guaranteed to be a good deal. The discontinued FKS185s should be worth ~ $150ish on their own, and supposedly the skis have 30 (racer) days on them, with no base grinds. We'll see... :
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One of the 15 year old girls I coach was on a pair of the Radical RX in 181. I had a chance to take a run on them and thought they were fantastic. They had a much more solid feel than older models and initiated turns incredibly easily. The longer ski may be a completely different animal, but if it's anything like the 181s, they should be great.
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my wife was ripping a pair @ the masters world champ in italy......... i would say hot!
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Yes, but were her skis any good? :
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yes, the skis were v. hot. She is normally on Stockli, yet needed a longer ski for the Italy event. I thought that she had her best GS form on this ski. She tried the SLs in the 155 women's stock version, but was serously over crushing the soft flex. She would have considered 100% Rossi, except for the wimpy flexing SLs. GS ski is most def. Hot.
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