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Tr - A weekend in the Wasatch

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Just got my bike up and running rode alot the past couple days.

Day 1 was after some very heavy thunderstorms in the mountain, it was like pow day for bikes with the trail being relaly sticky dirt that you could jsut rail on.

Me,Jtrue and jakecast hit up the Flying dog loop in Jeremy Ranch. Very scenic ride with tons of fun single track. We did a 16 mile loop but this can be extend to much more if you want.

Me after the first third of climbing, 500 vertical gained so far another 1000 feet to go. Jeremy Ranch and I80 in the background.

Looking over towards PC and the Olympic Training area.

High enough to get out of the scrubbrush and into some trees.

Jake after 7 miles of DH riding, to bad were having to much fun to stop to take pictures.

Me just happy to be out there.

Day 2 - Dropout DH trail, Jeremy ranch.

with PC still kinda of wet after the rains we hit up Jeremy Ranch. The plans is do a couple laps on Bob's Basin DH only trails. each lap is about 4 miles round trip and 500 vertical feet of climbing.

Dropout is fast flowly trail with a bunch of beginner rock drops and bridges. Bermed turns G-outs, little tables tops add to the fun. This trail isnt hard just tons of fun to ride.

Me railing though the awesome single track that is Dropout

A little air.

Jtrue enjoying the banking

Little bridge drop

Day 3 - sinkhole Loop, Beaver Creek, Utah

Went up to visit tromano, he takes me to very scenic and peaceful ride that goes from beaver mountain accross the Idaho border and back again.

Beaver creek lives up to its name with tons of beaver dam on the climb up the fireroad.

Mean freerange cattle that was just not being nice to eastern on bikes.

Me going for a creek crossing a foot high submerged log would prevent me from clearing it.

Mello single track in a pasture

thats all overall a great time this past weekend, cant wait to get out again.
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Great pictures Bushwacker!!!
Right in my own 'backyard'.
I'll have to watch out for those mean cattle. :
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Glad you enjoyed it on Sunday. It was a pretty nice ride and that down hill was really technical. I will let you know when I find something with a little more single track. :
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