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Treble Cone, New Zealand

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Read the stats yourself: http://www.treblecone.co.nz/Info/stats.asp

A lovely mountain with some serious steep and challenging terrain. The Saddle Bowl is a huge natural tarrain park with a good hike to the summit for some fresh tracks or a duck through the gates to the Motatapu Chutes for some big mountain skiing (and a hike back the chair at the bottom).

The season did not start on time due to a lack of snow and opened on 26 Jun with a single ribbon of mostly man made from the top of the six seater to the base - very sad but at least it is better than having an office job.

It got the legs tuned into skiing again after my massive 7 week break (oh the suffering I went through not being able to ski for that long) from the end of my US season.

There was a good dump early the next week, nothing for two weeks, then another decent two days of snow, but sadly warm weather and a high freezing level have not helped keep a base at the sub 1500 m elevations. The snow in general has been decent to ski on but wearing away fast.

It snowed yesterday and the top has made the Saddle great skiing today (still a bit thin in places and rock damage to bases as a result).
Forecast is for more snow on Saturday (maybe) which would be good, we basically need a good 50cm and cold weather in order to establish the base all the way to 1260m and provide some depth to cat tracks in non snow-making areas and cover the rocks in the Saddle and Powder Bowls.

Once I get told why I cannot post my photos and how to remedy the problem I will post some pics.
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Andrew, we were having some trouble with the V-bulletin software which created an error message when you tried to post attachments. Dchan was told of the problem and he reports it should be working now. The best way to post pictures to to host off-site. The attachments function here only allows very small files, and you have to make multiple posts.

We have a tutorial that describes the better way to post pictures with higher resolution.
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75cm of snow in the last 36 hours in the Saddle, 65cm in the Home basin. A bit of a 'whahoo, fresh powder' frenzy today with the Saddle eventually opening after it had been cleared (read Ski Patrol had all got fresh tracks before letting the public in). Crowded lift queues and all together too much in the way of bad manners and poor skier etiquette. Will report tomorrow after I have skied it - more snow expected tonight and tomorrow.

Hopefully this means that there will finally be enough snow to establish the base on the Home basin all the way to the base station.
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I'm coming to TC for a week from Sunday 19th. I heard about the 'chinese downhill' on Sunday to get to the saddle chair when it opened, and there was a rumour two guys fell and got knocked unconcious in the rush. I guess the alternative was a 45 min wait on the 6 seater.

Its nice to know there is a good base now and it has stayed cold since.
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Yes one of those days best avoided if one has the choice. The skiing has been quite excellent this week, especially yesterday as it was bright and sunny. Today the snow was also great but the flat light made it some what challenging! Nothing like dropping over a crest into a bump run (during an exam) to find that one cannot see a thing, absolutely no relief at all.

There was a smattering of snow today at high level and it all blew into the bumps in the Saddle which was quite nice to ski on. If TC were not so lazy and groomed Saddleback and Bullet every night there would be an excellent variety to suit all types of skier in the Saddle.

The front basin is a bit disaapointing this year as nothing has really stuck below 1500m. Mainstrret is off limits for the Austrian WC team until 0930/ 1000 and then is has huge ruts left in it from the GS/ SG training. At least it is just grippy hard pack rather than bullet proof ice on the steeper lower pitches today. Monday was just aweful and had to take the award for 'most crashes as a result of hitting ice' for a day at TC thus far this season.

I hope you enjoy your week of skiing it should be pretty good.
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Thanks for the update. I assume you must be doing the rookie course this year, good luck. I wondered wether we should try and get some bears together for a few runs, maybe Monday? FZ1 might be about if he decides to not go to Hutt, and I thought I read in a posting somewhere that Mike_m is visiting about now. I've met Mike_m at Snowbird epic ski academy in 2004 so would be a shame if he was at TC and did not get a chance to say hello.

if you are interested meet at the TC outside fireplace Monday 10am (although might clash with your rookie training). I am 40 something blonde with black helmet, grey jacket, black pants, with a guy in brown jacket and black pants. Not very distinquishable clothing ............. otherwise you might see me coming and going next week, look out for the oldest scruffiest car in shareholder car park (front two rows by ticket office) , 92 red subaru sedan with roofbox.

Just a thought, are you FZ1's (aka Dan from Seattle) son ? Although hsi surname does not start with 'R'.
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No nothing too tricky about me - same name as my sign in. Not fz-1's son.

6'2", 90kg, Black carbon Sweet helmet, Smith Goggles, Brown DNA jacket and white trousers. Black icebreaker EXP top. Stockli skis (probably DP Pros 193cm as exams are over - passed teaching, did not pass skiing).

White Subaru Legacy doing 50kmph up the mountain road.

Just hanging out with a mate (teleskier) and skiing laps of the Saddle. 10 am is a bit later than I normally start but I will keep an eye out. Normally I am getting my boots on about 0830 in the cafe.

Say hello if you do come up. PM me if you want my NZ cell number. Otherwise enjoy your skiing.
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We usually hit the mountain at 9am, but I thought that might be too early for some. I'll keep an eye out for you, you should be easy enough to pick in white trousers, my black ones are a bit common here!
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