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ski tv

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does anyone know why all the programing so far this season on ski tv are the same exact ones from last season, is this just filler for broadcast, are there no new programs from ski tv.
just wondering
thanks bteski
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SKI TV?????

You mean there are programs dedicated explicitly to skiing that I could be watching (besides race and competition coverage on ESPN adn OLN)?

: : :
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No, Ski TV is an hour long show on OLN that is similar in content to your average Ski or Skiing magazine. It's usually paired with the Warren Miller show or one of the FIS races to split up the fishing shows (but strangely no ice fishing during the winter), bullriding, and infomercials.
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thanx Mike, ill look for that since i just had OLN added to my service
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Ah yes, good ole' OLN. Have you ever noticed that all their programs with nebulous titles like "Outdoor World" have something to do with either fishing or hunting? And if you've ever watched "Outdoor Product Showcase," What in the heck does a Vaccum Seal Plus or a Nautilus Sleep System matress have to do with the outdoors!?
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OLN broadcasts what makes the most money for them. There are a ton of good ol' boys all around this country that spend a lot of time in front of the tube watching hunting and fishing shows, even during their season of choice. Infomercials are just pure moneymakers for the network. No production costs, no syndication fees...

I appreciate OLN's broadcasts of the less covered sports, including skiing and ski racing. You may not appreciate bullriding, but I bet there are people who are overjoyed that their sport is finally getting some air time.

If you like seeing skiing programming on OLN, go to their website (www.olntv.com) and drop them a note saying you'd like to see more of it. I personally think their WC coverage is light years ahead of where it was last season.
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AMEN to that! Just watched Bode kick major *** again today with Schlopy at least finishing decently for an American, afterwards watching Warren Miller TV and surprised that that all it was were televised segments cut straight from his two films Freeriders and Fifty. Not terribly disapointed because I love those films, but I have seen each ten times since I bought them last season and I was able to narrate word for word with Warren during the featured segments.
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I thought you were refering to www.skitv.com [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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I watched 15 mins of Ski Sunday yesterday before working out they weren't going to show any skiing. Hubby said that's because C4 now have the rights - but when is the skiing on C4?
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Saturday mornings (live)
The snowboarding was a rerun, it was on at 7am, then around 10am they showed the men's downhill from Bormio live. Nick Fellows (used to be on Eurosport) was doing the commentary, and they even had Finlay ... commentating after he had raced.
It was pretty good.

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Alpine skiing is on from 11 - 12:15 Saturday morning and there's also a two hour program in the wee hours on Tuesdays.
Times vary check your local press for details...
They also show Nordic Skiing on Wednesday nights and the Ski Jumping World Cup on Thursdays.
All in all not too bad, but they repeat too much in the Tuesday night show. And the Saturday show should really be in the Ski Sunday slot on Sunday afternoon.
The BBC do still have the rights to some World Cup races this year. Namely on the womens circuit. The race was cancelled last sunday hence the poor show.
Next weekend its Wengen. Which will be on Ski Sunday... can't wait. What a race that is.
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I have been able to watch a few FIS races, some old Warren Miller films, and Skiers World, a Canadian program, that sometimes visits US resorts. The old Bob Beaty show is gone, and I don't know of any others.

I guess there are just too many people opting to play golf and go to NASCAR races. Skier vists must be still in a decline.
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