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Salomon Binding Template

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Would anyone happen to have an electronic version of a template for the s810 binding?

Before everyone jumps in and says "take them to a shop", these are going to be mounted on skis that I will be making myself. I think I can handle mounting the bindings.
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Are the sallies coming off an existing ski, mounted for your BSL? If so, just use the existing holes to make a template...
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These are brand new, so no old holes to go off of.

I never thought of that though.

I'm not sure if a template would even exist, or if there is just the jig. I have the salomon shop manual, it just talks about the jig. Originally I was going to mount freehand, but now I'd like to mount some threaded inserts into the skis so that I can swap the bindings. Hence the need for a template.
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Why not explain your project to your local store/tech, I'm sure they'd let you borrow their jig for a 6-pack.
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