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which ski's to buy?

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Hi I am an expert skier, living in NYC, so I ski VT and Upstate NY
more often than western resorts, but we usually also head out west for 1 week a year. We were out at Alta last year. I am bout 180lb 5'10", I like to ski all blacks, steeps on and off trail. I also enjoy the challenge of Moguls, though I am not that good at them, I can usually hold the line through 4 or so big bumps in a row, before I have to pause and recalibrate. Enjoy the easier tree skiing, where a line has been set up, with a lower guage steepness.
I also prefer good turning and carving over high speed. Out at Alta this year we skied several faces (Ballroom, Greely and W.Rustler) and a couple of shoots, which was a wake up call to finally retire my Dynastars from circa 2000!

Okay so I narrowed things down to 4 contenders:

Head XRC 1200
Dynastars Contact 11
Atmoci Izor 9.7
Volkl AC3

any thoughts?
also length recommendations? I am thinking 163-170 for most of these.

Dave K.
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For your level (honestly, sound advanced) and where you ski, lot to be said for the Contact 11. Best of the bunch you nominate for crud and light pow, hold well on ice, shape makes them weirdly versatile in bumps/trees. You'll find the XCR likes more speed than you will (it's a real cross ski), and too narrow for trips to Alta, AC3 is great for ripping groomed, not much of a powder or bump ski IMO, Izor 9.7 is a super carver, nice in bumps, not a powder ski.

If you're really into those trips west, you might also think about some slightly fatter alternatives. Like the new Head iM78 or the current Fischer AMC 79 or Atomic M11 B-5, all are fat carvers that do well all over the mountain, will handle boot top pow gracefully. Much above that and you're compromising your eastern performance and will need a quiver.
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