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Bubba and Daryl are sitting in the bar. Bubba decides that he wants to better his lot in life; he is going to seek higher education. He tell Daryl that he's going to go down to the Community College and sign up.

He meet the Dean the following day and they get him assigned to a few courses .... History, English, Math and Logic. All is well but Bubba is puzzled by Logic. "What's this Logic stuff" he asks.

The Dean offers to illustrate; "Logic says the Dean is ... well, let me give you an example!"

"Got a weed wacker" asks the Dean ...... Bubba .. "Yep sure do!"

"Then logically, you have a yard? ........ Bubba .. "Yeah, I got a yard"

"Since you have a yard, you have a house?" ....... Bubba .. "Yep got a house"

"Since you have a house, you have a family?" ...... Bubba .. "Sure, a big family"

"Since you have a family, you have a wife" ..... Bubba .. "That's true too"

"Since you have a wife you must be heterosexual" ...... Bubba "Sure am!"

Bubba is amazed! Gosh you knew all of that and just by asking me if I had a weed wacker! Damned.

He goes to the bar the next day and Daryl asks how the college thing was going. He get to the part about Logic and asks Bubba what this Logic stuff was all about.

Bubba starts out and asks Daryl if he has a weed wacker"

"Nope, ain't got no weed wacker, what's that supposed to mean?"

Bubba ... "I means yer' gay"