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Thread Starter acknowlegment I will say it! Great ski, Melanie! Melanie Turgeon continues a canadian tradition of World Championship excellence with her win in St. Moritz. Her personal journey has been a long and turmultuous one. After winning a record 5 medals in 5 events at the Junior Worlds, she has been under immense pressure for years, with huge expectations. Back problems, nasal surgery and bad luck....and now, vindication!
Ok, so I get nationalistic....but you guys get excited every time Bodeblowup has a BM.....atta go Melanie!
Ken Read is well on his way to placing Alpine Canada Alpin on a podium rich vector. Eric Guay and company have initiated a re-emergence for the Canadian speed team since the purge of 2002 and the girls are constantly "just out"!
It is a great World Championship for North American athletes...all of them!!
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I'll second that one. I think the Canadian team is on the way up, and the new training partnerships should bear some fruit in the coming years.
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"Bodeblowup"...hehehe, Robin made a funny. Doesn't happen here often enough; heres to the Crazy Canucks in the White Circus.
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Bravo Melanie!! Great run and a super finish celebration. But Robin, answer me this. How come she celebrated in english and not french. She is french-canadian is she not? Anyway, great Team Canada progress by some very young canucks. Ken Read's attitude must be rubbing off.
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Politically correct canucks, er, "northern habitants of canadian descent" know that we are required to only speak francais quebecois 13.8% of the time. Soon we will be required to speak chinese about 35% of the time!
Ken's attitude must be infectuous! The partnership with Italy and Sweden will enhance the whole podium 2010 program. Major sponsorships are lining up...he has added credibility and leadership to a foundering organization.
GS next...go Ally, Emily and Genny!
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This just in...

Bode Miller has had yet ANOTHER bowel movement.

That is all.

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I agree completely. Major kudos to Melanie and the Canadian team. It's fun to see the maple leaf on the podium again.

On a related note, I went to see part of the World Cup Short Track speed skating here in SLC last weekend. The Canadian team practically kicked everybody else off the ice. They won something like *half* the medals and there were eight or ten national teams represented. BTW, anybody who ever has a chance to go see Short Track in person really should take advantage. It is a *great* spectator sport.

On a slightly less related note, Resi Stiegler finished 10th in the Women's Combined yesterday. She's the daughter of Pepi Stiegler - former Olympic Gold/Sliver Medalist, former Director of the Jackson Hole Ski School (and my former boss). She just turned 17 about three weeks ago and she's going to be one to watch. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Resi is definitely on my "watch out for this kid" list already! Libby Ludlow et al are exciting newcomers to watch....but few come with Resi's genes! On the official forerunners list for the DH, the swiss had a Cathomen and a few other recognizable names! Racing legacys are always fun, but the pressure to live up is tough!
Also look out for Vanderbeek, Jaynk and Splawninski (sp) at a race course near you!
Ryan....I will admit, watchin Bode is fun...what would discipline do on top of the natural talent....actually, I have near had a few BMs watching him!
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Thrilled to see Melanie on the podium, and against an imposing field. The Canadians are on the rise!
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Putting aside the natural Canadian/American rivalry for a minute, it's great to see both NORTH AMERICAN teams on the podium again. They're essentially in the same boat; Both teams are away from home for months at a time skiing in Europe. It's nice to see them winning there on a consistent basis!
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