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It has been brought to our attention that many EpicSki users do not visit the site Home Page and do not see the "About Us" tab on that page. For their benefit, I am posting the link to About Us here in the Community Forum for those who might otherwise miss it.


Here you can learn who owns EpicSki, who works in the background on EpicSki, and how we finance the site and its acitivites. EpicSki LLC is in the process of becoming EpicSki Inc. to simplify our tax reporting. We are a for-profit site that returns all profits to the website for maintenance and improvements.
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As some will note, the team page is a bit outdated. When jstraw returns from a well-deserved vacation, we'll work on getting that updated.
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Nice to "meet" y'all! Gracias!
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Thank you for the opportunity to join...

Got 15 days before our season begins in the Sierra Nevada resort near Granada Spain, and drawn to the site by your boot fitting suggestions...should be a great help. Thanks

Not too many people in this sea-side resort here in Marbella are very avid skiers, so it'll be refreshing to post and be of any help to anyone not familiar with the area...
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Sun&Snow: Thanks for joining us! I'm sure many of us would be very interested in a Trip Report from your area. I've driven by once and would love to go back and ski there someday.
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